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Squat Stance Jump vs Vertical Jump


I have a question about choosing vertical jump leg stance- i have relativley long limbs so my squat stance and vertical jump stance are very different.

If I want to prime for squtting I should jump with same width as I am squatting and shouldnt I go almost as low as I do in squatting?

Then again if I play volleyball I cant imagine I use same leg width for jumping and training for vertical jump.

Thanks in advance!

Are you training for powerlifting or volleyball? Who says you need to do vertical jumps with your squat stance? And jumping from below parallel doesn’t make a lot of sense either.

If you are “priming” for squats I think a more effective method, due to it being more specific to the squat, would be practicing compensatory acceleration training or simply accelerating the bar as hard and explosively as you are able, through the full range of motion, every rep of every set. Within reason tho (don’t be blasting the bar off your back and hitting someone with that shit).

My squat session always goes better when I apply this.
Dynamic Warm Up
60kg Explosive
100kg Explosive
When I get up to higher percentages the weight doesn’t move as fast or sometimes fast at all but as long as the intent to accelerate hard at through range is there you’ll be seeing all kinds of gains

Jumps (Box Jumps, Depth Jumps, Weighted Jumps etc.) are probably best done as a seperate exercise after squats or something if you want to develop that quality

For volleyball or any kind of training we have to work off the principle of specificity. what is specific to your current training aim.

An activity that is more specific will better carryover to performance. For examples 5 sets of jerkin off has little to do with volleyball and will confer little benefit. On the opposite end of the spectrum volleyball training and drills is more specific and thus will have greater benefit.

Volleyball Stance Jumps will carryover better to volleyball.
Squat Stance jumps will carryover better to squatting.
“Better” is the word here tho so even if carryover is not optimal you’ll still get some benefit whichever you choose.

Don’t worry about your squat when you’re jumping. Just jump - then go squat. Simple.


Jump normal. The more you overthink it, the more likely it’ll get worse. Use natural mechanics and let strength training’s effects (quad/glute mass especially, strength, power) & jump frequency help make your natural mechanics more efficient. It’s very hard to focus on form with jumping, sprinting, and running, especially if you don’t have a skilled coach. Most people who learn things online and try to change their form in these dynamic movements, actually do more harm than good. The biggest example of it I can think of, is the “midfoot/forefoot” running crowd.

As for what type of squats you should be doing in the gym: for athletic performance training that involves jumping & sprinting, a shoulders width stance and narrower (to feet nearly together) are very important. Athletes who learn to lift on the internet don’t normally take advantage of narrow stance squatting because of the depth taboo - it’s harder to go deep as the stance becomes more narrow. As with any squat, depth should be constrained by safety and form. Tension should remain in the musculature - not the joints or tendons. It’s worth experimenting with these stance widths, just start light & stay relaxed/controlled.

my 2 cents.