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Squat Stance for Regular Guy Training

how wide should i have my stance?? just trying to be stronger maybe reach a 3 plate squat sooner than later.

If you are a raw squatter I’d start shoulder width and play with it. I can lift more with a wider stance but it starts tearing up my hips. So I move my stance in and out some depending on what my goal is for the day and how my hips are feeling. Also, you might find it harder to hit depth in one position or another and you want to make sure you are squatting to–but preferably past–parallel.

the best answer is to pay attention to your body mechanics. if you’ve got long thin legs then you may need to focus on sumo deadlifts to really activate your nervous system and get the hormonal gains we’re all looking for. As far as squats go, just follow the natural track of your knees as you squat without any weight. Then add it as heavy as you can and lift the hell out of itâ?¦ if your knees bow out without pain, let the feet go the same way and get your butt down deep. If your hips are narrow compared to your shoulders try a neutral stance feet forward, again, get that butt down. main points:

  1. do what makes you feel most stable in your heels as you push that weight around. power coming from the heels and glutes. quads are supportive and will grow thus . explode from the lowest part of your rep.
  2. don’t let that bar sit on your neck man, get it down those traps another inch, scary at first but brings in your spinal strength. head forward, not up. not down.
  3. be safe, squats in the cage, leave the ego at the door but go heavy as hell bro.
  4. recovery is where we grow. rest. eat. stretch, repeat.

you might know all this, but as ive developed I take what works for me and my particular body mechanic type . good luck man you’re an individual so what works for one guy might not work for you. play around. eat clean , do your thing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7O1aeXyljM&feature=plcp