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squat, speed

I ditched the ego-squat some time ago and started doing full squat. I think I got the form right, and started to make gains, but…

I (try to) explode (ok, more like yellow bus starting to roll) from the bottom. About half way through (a bit below the bottom of ego squats)I lose most of the speed, I don’t stop but I come pretty close to it. Once I get through that part, I don’t have any problem finishing it.

I’m wondering which part is the weaklink causing the loss of speed.

Depending on exactly how low you’re going it could well be your hamstrings that aren’t assisting well enough (yes, they actually do), also, the chain could be somewhat not “cnnected”, since you claim earlier you were doing ego squats.

After you finish each squat set, try doing jump squats without weight - for maximum height and speed. This will teach “progressive acceleration” and should give you, over time, a smooth concentric portion on your squat.

Check out Waterbury’s article on jumping box squats. You might find it helpful.

Why not try low box squats somewhere between your full squat depth and your sticking point.
This will develop you hammies which seem to be the limiting factor and you will be working through your weak range.

You could use this for both ME and DE days. Do you do speed work? Dynamic low box squats would help.

thanks for the replies.

unfortunately, we don’t have box or anything with adjustable height at my gym. and the bench is one of those connected to the weight rack, so if i wanna stick one in under the squat rack, i’m gonna be making alot of mess, and i’ll be kicked out before getting anything done.

i’ll give the jump squat a try, and i guess i’ll work harder alot harder on my hams for awhile.