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Squat Shoulder Pain

This pain began a few weeks ago while going for a PR in my squat. Never happened before and practically does not bother me in anthing else except the squat. My set up under the bar is with a low bar, and standard squat stance, mid-point between narrow and sumo.

Now when I begin warming up the pain gradually begins to comeback and as loads get heavier pain increases to the point where i need to concentrate more on the pain than the lift. (this is driving my crazy and is frustrating)

In between sets or after workout my mobility is limited in the left shoulder. In the photos you see the chick but basically in the same position i cant rotate my arm downwards.

What to do, how to fix. I will probably visit the doctor, but they usually dont know as much as we do ;).

Any help will be appreciated.


Oh, by the way that’s not me lol.


I never had a shoulder issue squatting but know those that have. Could the bar have moved down some on a heavy lift? Are you racking both sides at the same time? Sometimes guys rack one side and have to lift up the other to clear.

As a fix: any chance you could ride the bar higher on your traps for awhile to avoid the torque on your shoulder? Also try to move your hands out as far a possible; without taking a finger off when you rack it. I hate not squatting so my advice is to do what doesn’t hurt… more like what doesn’t hurt a lot!