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Squat Shoes?


Nike Romaleo 2's or Adidas Adipowers?


[quote]boulder6pfd wrote:
Nike Romaleo 2’s or Adidas Adipowers?[/quote]

Both are good. Find the one which fits you nicer


The Nike Romaleo’s fit a wider foot. Any of the Adidas fit a narrower (C width) foot.

The Adidas Adipower have a heel lift differential of 5/8" inch. The Adidas Power Perfect 2 have a heel lift differential of 1",

thus putting your knees in a farther forward position.

The Nike Romaleos have a heel differential of 3/4".

Try em on before you buy, if you can.

Oh, and the Adidas tend to fit about 1/2 size long.

So I went from a 12 down to an 11.5


I switched from Metal squat shoes to Adipowers 2 years ago when I started bringing my stance in and I love them. Great grip, the elevation paid off pretty much immediately as my leverages all improved. You will not be disappointed with them. BUT, I have never worn the Romelos so I cannot compare them.


Just got some nike romaleos 2.0. Amazing. These are my first ever use of oly shoes, so unfortunately can’t offer a comparison.


They are the same exact shoe. It depends on whether or not you like nike or adidas.


I have the Adidas adipowers. I’ve gone back a d forth between those and chucks and just in the past few months have only used the Adidas and I won’t squat in anything else.