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Squat Shoes?

I’ve been looking to get some squat shoes, preferably ones with heels, not sure which ones but the adidas adistar seems way too expensive. Advice on which to get?
I’ve been wearing asics wrestling shoes. I squat with a stance a little wider than shoulder width, 1-2 inches wider. thanks

How much do squat shoes really help?

Serious question. I’ve been thinking about getting some.

From what I heard it helps those with flexibility issues but I’m not getting it for that, my flexibility is fine . Christmas is rolling around and I want to get something new since I spend most of my time either researching about lifting weights or actually lifting them.

I guess it depends on the width of your squat stance as well, the narrower your stance the more you would benefit from heels, rather than a wide powerlifting stance most people prefer flat soles like wrestling shoes and chucks.

How much do you squat? Maybe the money is better spent filling your freezer with steak.

I hit 315 for 2 just yesterday. I have plenty of food, but it is mostly chicken. I was going to get a belt but I realize I’m still growing and don’t know what size to get or how it feels on me.

theyre not needed unless youre competeing in weightlifting. My squat is more or less oly, and i did 145kg 4x9 today and 205kg x1 on wednesday. i squat in chucks

If you had to pick between a belt and the shoes at this point, I’d go with the belt.

[quote]pk0ad wrote:
If you had to pick between a belt and the shoes at this point, I’d go with the belt.[/quote]
x2. It will help you a lot more than squat shoes.

Buy one that lets you get fatter.

yeah, just squat barefoot.

Make sure you have clean soaks and no foot stink

^keeps noobs out of the squat rack

I’ll try on a belt and see how it feels, I’m leaning towards buying it at the moment. Thanks guys

I squat in Olympic shoes and not for flexibility issues. I use them because they prevent lateral movement of my foot. When you’re walking out heavy weights, it is added security that you’re not feeling your foot rolling at all. It’s like they add width and weight to your feet. I would say, more often than not, I see people wearing them in competition; IPF walked out squat competition. You may see them less in a monolift because of the different set up.

I love my shoes for bench as well. If you want to keep your feet flat on the floor, having a bit of a heel lets you pull your legs further under you.

If it’s a money issue, I’d get the belt first though.

Oh yeah. bla, bla, bla more meat in the freezer.

I just got my squat shoes. Will be testing them out tomorrow morning. Before this, I squatted in Nike Frees without soles for the previous 4 months, and before THAT, I squatted barefoot (old gym allowed). I’m not expecting anything magical, but just trying them on and squatting down, I feel much more stable, and it feels a bit more natural (I’m tall and lanky though, so my ‘natural’ is probably kind of unique).

It’s not really a big money issue, but I’m just not sure which shoes to get thats all, if I were to get them. As for the belt I didn’t like it, maybe it was because it was my first time wearing one. Regardless I do have the problem with foot lateral movement sometimes, like you said ouroboro. Could you suggest which shoes to purchase? I’m currently looking at the Rogue Do-wins and the Adidas powerlift trainers. I’m not going to do any olympic lifts or anything like that, just mainly squats.
As for the belt I’ll get it some other time, I really don’t think it’s that necessary right now. Would rather depend on my own “belt” until I start repping in the 300s.

I would get a belt, learn to use it, “start repping in the 300s.” Then get the shoes if you still want them. There was a recent thread in the powerlifting forum with reviews/suggestions.

^ Do you have a link to that thread? would like to read it. thanks

^thank you, was a good read