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Squat Shoes- Low or High Top?

I am getting ready to buy the Converse all star shoes recommended by many on this site for squatting. I like low tops better than high tops but want to know if there is a distinct advantage with the high top? What do T-Nation members prefer?

I have both, I like high-tops better. I feel a bit more secure in them.

I bought high-tops but regretted it, as it limited my ankle flexibility on the squat. I have them tied at a lower lace and it helps, but still…

If your squatting wide go with the hi-tops. If not then you should probably not even bother with chucks, just grab some shoes with a heel lift (i.e. Olympic shoes).

Thanks. I guess anything is better than my current cross trainers.

Hitops have the option of rolling down the top if you want. They’re more versatile and don’t look as douchey/hipster feminine/seasme street. Go with black on black.


how much are you currently squatting?

My current max is 350. Using 531 to hopefully get to 400 by end of next year. I won’t blow anyone on this site away but this is pretty good for me. I am getting the chucks and hoep they may give a little extra boost.