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Squat Shoes Are The Best Thing Ever


Decided to get my numbers back up on the ole front squat, and treated myself to a pair of Adidas Powerlift 2.0

There's probably better squat shoes out there, but the Adidas were the only ones I'd ever heard of so that's what I went for.

They're awesome. Honestly would never expected such a difference but they really do make the squat more comfortable. My temperamental lower back feels way better, and so do my knees.

So, yeah. All of you should buy a pair.


I love all the little tweaks and gear that are out there!

I tried wrapping bands around the bench to help dig in and set up for benching. Its pretty cool.

I was squatting with the safety squat bar, and the collars didn’t fit, and the many, many plates where rattling all over the place. I used a short mini band, like quadruple wrapped over the collar to hold the plates.

How did those lifting straps work out for your woman?


I can squat without a belt and not miss it, but I will never squat without my trusty lifting shoes :slight_smile:

Glad they’re working so well for you man.


These are mine. my ankle mobility is extremely good compared to other people but these still make a difference.


I have the same shoes. I used to really like them, but I don’t use them much anymore. As my mobility got better, I started finding that they make less of a difference so it’s not worth lugging an extra pair around. I’m pretty religious about my squat mobility though.

They do only have a 0.6" heel, so if mobility is a big issue for you, you might be better served by a different shoe. It’s an easy adjustment for a first oly shoe though. That and they look pretty cool.


Squatting aside, they’re also great for push pressing and benching if you bench flat footed.


[quote]T3hPwnisher wrote:
Squatting aside, they’re also great for push pressing and benching if you bench flat footed.[/quote]

they also make my lower back feel really good for rack pulls.

If you’ve never tried pulling from a deficit, I suggest you give it a go.