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SQUAT Rx Videos

I’ve been making a series of videos about squatting. I hope you find them helpful.

Squat Rx #1: Lower Back Rounding at the Bottom of the Squat

Squat Rx #2: GMing Out of the Hole

Squat Rx #3: Engaging the Glutes and Hamstrings (Part I)

Squat Rx #3: Engaging the Glutes and Hamstrings (Part II)

Squat Rx #4: Bar Positioning and Squat Depth

Squat Rx #5: Hip & Hamstring Mobility and Flexibility

Squat Rx #6: A Dozen Selected Exercises for Squatters (Part I)

Squat Rx #6: A Dozen Selected Exercises for Squatters (Part II)

Squat Rx #7: Bands and Chains

Swordthrower was kind enough to put the videos in this thread for those of you who can’t view youtube.

I hope you find them helpful!

Hey bro

Any chance of posting the video’s? I can’t get to youtube, I’m on an Army system in Afghanistan and have no access to private access.

Thank you.


What an incredibly valuable resource #6 is. Some of this stuff I’ve heard of, but I’ve never seen performed - and I’m a visual learner, so that’s important to me.

On the deadlifts, how would doing those straight leg versus bent effect recruitment?

I’m going to incorporate the Turkish get ups into my workout this morning. I have a feeling they’re more difficult than they look. :slight_smile:


I’ll try to attach the vid, but I’m not sure it’ll work… If not, I’ll try to convert it to an mpeg and see if that works.

Sweet! It worked… I’ll attach them all.

Squat Rx #3 Part 1

swordthrower you rock. Good reminders on all of this, I’ll refer lots of people here!

Squat Rx #3 Part 2

Squat Rx #4

Squat Rx #5

Thanks Swordthrower!!

This could develop into a really great thread - perhaps we should rename it so that it encompasses not only these videos, but future ones? Something like “Boris’s Squat Rx Videos”??

These vids are awesome! I love Squat Rx, thank you!

Squat Rx #6 Part1

This thread should be bookmarked.

Again, thanks Boris. These are always good.

Squat Rx #6 Part 2

Thanks everyone. I don’t know how to get the thread title changed or who to ask about making it a sticky.

thanks for posting these vids. really helped me improve my squats. much appreciated.

Thank you Xales.

I changed the title of the thread and added another video to the first post: Squat Rx #7 - Bands and Chains

Squat Rx #8: Shoes