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Squat / Row Form Check Please

Hey guy any help with squat/row form would be greatly appreciated, getting pain in my lower back and feeling tightness in my groin/inner thigh

Row Lower back feels a little sore after

Squat side view

Squat front view


I am no real expert on forms of anything, but my person squat I really try to sit back keep my shins vertical and drop straight down. Where you are getting the lower back pain and the groin pain is from your ass tucking under in the bottom of your squat. That is a mobility issue and a position issue. Maybe if you try to keep an arch in your back like you and puffing your chest up, and think about dropping straight down into the squat instead of popping your hips out first you might find some relief. As for your rows that is a preference thing. I like to stand up a little bit more, feels really good on my lats and rear delts some, and i do more weight. Good luck to you man wish you the best.

You have lower back rounding in each. In the row, during the whole movement, and in the squat (fairly pronounced!) towards the bottom.



You may want to try standing up a bit more on the rows.

You look a lot like I do on the row. I dunno if my leverages, lack of mobility or what but I haven’t managed to do one without rounding almost before I even start. I elevated the bar a little (about 3 plates) and it has made it much more comfortable.

In the mean time, I wouldn’t squat lower than you can keep good lower back position and I’d raise the bar higher for the rows for the same reason.

I’m not saying you’re wrong in your assessment, but usually when I see what I do in your lifts it’s more because of tight hips and hamstrings and sometimes hip flexors and the lower back makes up the deficit in mobility.

My guess is your inner groin/thigh is getting tight because they’re working in a way they shouldn’t because of your poor positioning but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to stretch that out too. Even if I’m right, it’ll probably still be necessary because of how tight they’ve probably become rowing and squatting like that.

As others have said, definitely some mobility issues so work on that. Box squats helped me with mobility issues in the squat, so maybe give those a shot starting with a box around parallel and lowering the box height over time as your flexibility improves.

In the meantime, look into getting a pair of olympic shoes. They won’t be directly addressing the flexibility issues, but you’ll probably find yourself hitting much better depth with less rounding.

Also, DeFranco’s agile 8 helped me very quickly in terms of hip and groin mobility. Nice for recovery as well if you’re squatting a lot.

second to all of that above, especially getting decent shoes, of any kind, with a good wide flat sole, i personally like squatting in pretty high oly shoes

also just get tight. in the front shot of the squat you look pretty loose. if i was your coach id have you move your stance in for a while til you can drop down into the hole and stay tight as a drum. ive always found wide stance squats for the raw lifter are great if you use them to harness the power of the glutes and hams by treating your body like a crossbow, loading up the tension slowly and exploding back up, but if you try and drop down into the hole with a wide stance it exposes any mobility or strength imbalances you might have (youre not even that wide but it still seems to me to be the same issue).

id also not focus too much on breaking at the hips first, works in a suit where you have an artificial tension harnessing device, but watching jay nera and a few others squat recently has done wonders for my technique, really upright body position and pulling the hips down between the heels are two of my current self-cues.