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Squat Routine Critique


hey guys i would be very happy if any of you would comment on my squat routine and my other routine suggestion

I squat two days a week 1 front squat and 1 back squat, i would like to squat way more but my knees just cant take it , on my squat days i do different deadlifts variations of 3 sets in the 3 - 5 rep range plus extra posteriorchain work like glutehamraise etc

this is the way i currently squat

Monday Back squat / friday front squat

Sets 1 - 3: Warm-ups with a load lower than 60% of the competition max/personal record
Sets 4 - 7: Work up to the daily 1 rep maximum
Sets 8-9: Daily max - 40lbs for 3 reps
Sets 10-12: Daily max - 25lbs for 2 reps

The other routine is something i come up with myself but with inspiration from other programs, it is kind of a 3 week cycle :

week 1 : monday 5x5 back squat friday 5x5 front squat
week 2: monday 5x3 back squat friday 5x3 front squat
week 3: monday 5x 1 back squat friday 5x1 front squat

for the 5x5 the 3 last sets are straight work sets
for the 5x3 there are worked up to 1 o 2 heavy triples
for the 5x1 there are worked up to 1 o 2 max singles (without psyching up)

at the end of the cycle either deload depending how i feel, or go for another cycle

i squat oly style and without any support (belt , wraps etc)

what to you guys think about my squat routine suggestion ?


if you are making progress with it, keep it, if not, change it. simple as that.


why does squatting hurt your knees?


Squatting does not hurt my knees in that way, to much squatting just gives my knees to much inflamation ( tendonitits) :(.


Switch to low bar, parallel squats for a while. I suppose in is your patellar tendon, so low bar squats will help you a lot.


maybe i should try that,thanks man very kind of you, appreiciate it alot :slight_smile: