Squat Racks

I am looking to purchase my first squat rack, any recommendations for some good priced ones? I have seen some that are low priced but, do notknow what the quality it like.

cost 300 bucks and it’s been OK for me. I’m sure some of the stronger guys here would destroy it, and it isn’t perfect (3" hole spacing) but it was affordable and it works. You have to do OHP outside of the rack of course unless you’re really short, but that’s fine.

is my suggestion

I have one of these right now. I know it’s not a “full” rack (I would’ve gotten a full rack but I have really low ceilings so it’d have to be custom, it’s in the works though) but its actually pretty sweet.

The beauty of these is you can find them dirt cheap… I paid $100 for mine almost brand new.

I’ve failed 405 on a squat to the safeties and it’s taken the abuse like a champ. It also really doesn’t tip forward when racking the bar like you’d think it would.
The only real downside is that it’s not a full rack and the safeties are sort of small, don’t want to back too far away from the rack on a max effort attempt.

EDIT: I suggested this one because it seems like you’re in the same boat as me - just needing something to get you through while you pick out the full rack/cage that you really want. That’s why I bought mine and it’s served it’s purpose way better than I ever thought it would.

My gym just bought all new equipment and I’m picking up a great slightly used power rack today for 100 bucks. Used is the way to go for power equipment, IMO, you just have to keep your eye open. Craigslist rocks for this stuff as well.

There is a company here in Los Angeles which buys and resells used gym equipment. I walked through their warehouses and they have numerous “club quality” racks for sale. If I were to do it over again, I would have bought a rack from them rather than build one.

Not sure where in California you are, but check for something similar in your location.

Place in LA:

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[quote]jjackkrash wrote:
Craigslist rocks for this stuff as well. [/quote]


I have a Weider rack I got for 50 bucks off Craigslist…works fine. Only pain in the ass is I’ve found a lot of people on there don’t want to break up what they’re selling. i had a bench. Didn’t want another one, but the guys with the racks and bench didn’t want to sell just the rack.

Thanks for the replies. I am looking into getting a powertec rack, good price and holds up to 1000 lb. Criagslist seems like a good idea but, I do not know if it is because I am in Los Angeles but, most listings are from dealers and are crossfit affiliated so they are pretty expensive.