Squat Rack

Hi all.

About a month ago I posted about not being able to get the weights over my head when doing squats, and got some good help. One tip was to look into getting a squat rack.


What do you think? It’s affordable ($399.00) but is it quality? I like the idea of having the lat pull down and the rowing thing also.


Id go with there power rack first more versatile and you’ll be MUCH happier in the long run


It will be a bit more with the Lat station but once again IMO worth it you can bench in it better spotting for your squats etc.

I have the one linked and plate loaded lat and like it have no real complaints.


why is the rack so cheap - phill - do u own it?

[quote]sethbron wrote:
why is the rack so cheap - phill - do u own it? [/quote]

The power rack I linked to?? yes I own it.

I’d agree with Phill on the power rack. Unless you are always going to have a spotter, the Power Rack will eventually save your life. You can always add the Pulldown station later. Or you could just get some bands to do an assisted chin on the pullups.

If it is a quality piece, then the price certainly looks right.