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Squat Rack vs Power Rack

Sorry if this question gets posted a lot. I did a search but couldn’t really find much.

Okay, here’s the dilema…

I can’t decide whether to get a decent squat rack or a reasonably priced power rack for my home gym.

Which one would you guys go for? Are there any major advantages of the power over the squat? Any disadvantages?

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I would buy a power rack. It’s a fair bit more expensive, but you can bench alone safely in a power rack, and the pins give you all kinds of options for doing partials and whatnot.

Also, you can usually get dip bar attachment and a chin-up bar to go with your power rack.

I prefer the squat rack over the power rack because you aren’t restricted by a cage.

The only benefit I see with a power rack is the safety of having something to catch the bar if you fall over.

I second those reasons. More variety of exercises in a power rack.

Power rack. You can do an entire workout in one.

Much more variety in the power rack.

If all you need it for is squatting and you can find a squat rack that is the right height for you, you may want to save the money.

Personally, even if all you want to do is squat right now, I would still go with the power rack for ‘expansion’ later.

about 150 bucks

Seems to be a definite trend towards the power rack, which is the way I was thinking myself. Okay gents, thanks very much for your opinions.

goes off to find credit card