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Squat Rack Outside

hey guys, so, i have a squat rack and plates and kettlebells that i have under a car port and the plates and kbs under a tarp. now, i understand there will be some rusting, but will it be superficial? im not concerned with the aesthetics so long as they don’t become unusable in a few years or something. i’d like to keep them for a long time.

so anyone have experience or knowledge of this?

thanks in advance

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Where do you live? I live in Florida with plenty of humidity, and keep my equipment in my garage and a heavy bag next to our pool. The only real rust I’ve seen so far is on my bag chain and the bag has been there for three years. My deadlift bar has developed a little bit too, but nothing significant (and I’ve done a pretty crappy job with oiling and brushing it). You may have to keep your plates touched up with CLR and some paint once in a great while but I wouldn’t worry it.

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austin, tx. how long have you had yours out?

The rack is only a year old, and its pristine. It’s a Rogue Fortis I picked up on closeout, and I’m noticing the same with the two Rogue bars I bought at the same time. No rust at all. The bar that is a little rusty is a cap I got off Amazon, but I love the knurling because it doesn’t dig into my hands as deeply as the Rogue. I’m not big on aesthetics for my gym, but I’ll take it when I can get it.

I wouldnt risk it. Galvanic corrosion will compromise the integrity of the bar and could result it in breaking if loaded too much. But if you are spending money on good equipment why let it go to waste outside?