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Squat Rack Curls

Holy crap. I actually saw it tonight. Dude doing squat rack curls. For you old school t-nation guys, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I always thought it was a myth or something like sasquatch. But I actually saw it with my own eyes. Of course I wasn’t able to snap a picture of it, but I swear I saw it. Granted, he was curling 65, so he did need the extra support.

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I’ve seen a guy doing pushups at the top of a power rack… curls are common place.

OMG! Did you call the cops?


I’ve booted people out of the squat rack for curls before. My booted out, I’ve asked them to do curls anywhere else except the only place that I can safely do squats…

Side note:

Is it a dick move to do deadlifts at the squat rack?

Why don’t you guys just ask to work in? It annoys me when someone squatting less than what I curl wants to share the rack with me but I’m usually quite accommodating.


That is pretty terrible gym etiquette!

Whining about it is pretty bad male etiquette.


? Is that like calling someone racist to end a conversation because you aren’t fairing so well or don’t know how to argue a point?

It isn’t bad etiquette to ask someone to move somewhere more reasonable for an exercise so that you can do squats in the squat rack. It isn’t whining either.

I guess… I don’t really know where to go from here. You didn’t really make a valid point… so, I guess I will just leave this thread for now. Adios!

What a sensitive fellow.

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I don’t know when people started doing this but it’s worse than curling by a fair way IMO.

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What if there’s someone deadlifting and he’s sharing the weight with someone curling?

No it makes sense deadlifting in the rack as it saves you having to pick it up off the floor. Oh wait…


I don’t think it is worse but I think it is bad form too.

It’s easily worse.

The curling guy usually puts on a few plates, does 3 sets with perhaps a minute or two between them then goes. It’s easy to put his bar up amd work in. Plus he is actually getting use out of the rack, even if it is to bend over less than needed.

The deadlifter needs to work up to the working weight. Typically has 3 sets with like 5 minutes rest and is impossible to work in with as you have a bar with 150+kg on it sitting on the floor in the middle of the rack. Plus the rack gives the deadlift absolutely no benefit.


Hm… What about people who are new to deadlifts and are working their romanian dead lifts? They don’t have the flexability to pick it up comfortably from the ground so they start in the up position and go as low as possible and then re-rack it on the squat rack’s safety bars?

is that a thing? :smiley:

I’ve always said that if you can curl more than I can squat (probably not hard these days) then I have no issue with a curl in the rack haha


I don’t see a problem if it’s a weight the average person can power clean.

I now choose to use this thread to list the “interesting” uses of gym equipment that have given me a chuckle over the yeara.

There used to be this guy who would get on those 2 handle lat pulldown machines. Hang upside down and then do like an upside side shrug.

There’s a girl at the current gym who uses the lifting platform to skip on.

The guy who used a plyo box to jump off and onto the platform from about 4 feet away.

Multiple folks who sit sideways on the leg press

More to come!


I love seeing stupid shit in the gym, it is what I miss training from home.

There was a lad at the gym who used an incline bench as decline bench to do flys. His whole body was up on the back rest with just his head and neck at a crazy 90 degree angle on the bit your arse goes on. I found it funny for a while then showed him how to put some plates under the feet to make it decline. Maybe he liked having his head where sweaty arses go but I was worried about him breaking his neck!

I used to do bench dips in the squat rack. The supports were just the perfect distance apart.