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Squat Rack Curls II


Since the other thread has reached the reply limit I realized we should start another one. I have been guilty of curling in the squat rack as an old trainer had me curl in the squat rack. I thought that this was the way it was done. This was before I was enlightened enough to train legs.


What about curls in the smith rack?


Something magical happens when you curl in the squat rack, I do it every day, not every bicep day, every day, gives me strength and courage, like eating somebody's heart.


Let me offer this example of the kind of thing i see at my gym:

and this:

and this guy watching some video on his PDA or whatever:

and this guy:

I see all this at my 24 affiliate in Taiwan. the whole gym looks like some crazy dark night club.


I thought I had some Ass Clowns at my gym. Yours take the cake and you have my sympathy. All I can say is put the sweat shirt on, pull the hood over your head and put your work in at the gym.

Good luck with your workouts and the comic relief in the background. I can only imagine!!!


Most of those videos are taken in the morning too....I mean...you go at 7PM...forget about it!

One time I was on the bench and the guy getting on the incline bench next to me put one of those pads that people can use for the squat rack bar around the bar...I think WTF???? he's going to do incline bench...one minute later, they guy had about 95 to 115 on the bar,but it was slowly going right down onto his face...so I hopped over and helped him. It seems like he just wanted to meet guys ( he seemed gay) and played the damsel in distress role by letting the bar descend onto his face with the pad on it. Ugh.


crunches in the squat rack......When I saw this, I was dumbfounded. Gave me pity on the squat rack curlers.


Here's a way to fuck it up...I've seen a guy stand in the sqaut rack and do DB curls! Dumbbells man!!!


What if they can legitimately do pretty heavy weight lets say 135 for reps would cry about it then to?


Haha, if it's anything like my gym the squat rack is always empty except for the few people that use it. So when it's crowded at the gym they figure they can go in the squat rack and do their bicep curls.


I saw two guys doing there 'Back' workout the other day doing BO Rows facing each other next to the fixed BB rack. As one guy lowered his weight the other guy would pull his up, in perfect timing. It looked like they were trying to mimick a 'V' engine.



Storage in the squat rack. Apparently when all of the extra benches located around the smith machine are not in use they are moved into the squat racks, sometimes 2-3 benches at a time.


I thought curling in the squat rack at least at my gym was a myth and was happy until I saw a guy doing them with 2 5's on each side and I just stood there and looked at him with a blank stare for a few seconds I couldn't believe it.


You go to the gym from hell, man. Even the music selection is tailored to drive someone insane.

I'm surprised no ones gone into hulk mode, and started throwing plates and swinging barbells, in an attempt to destroy the abomination.


This week I saw someone doing crunches...on a swiss ball...in the newly named swiss crunch/curl rack. ARGGGHH what has the world come too!


When I see tricep kickbacks in the squat rack, loaded barbells and 45lb plates are gonna fly like frisbees towards whoever is doing them.


We have a weight training course at our school, so there are some real gems here. We had this one kid who we call box chest because of his massive chest that decided it would be a good idea to workout his chest every day, so he decides one day to go for 145 (this kid is 260 and around 5'11), he takes the weight off the rack and proceeds to drop the weight as fast as he could in an attempt to bounce it off his chest. It is the first time I actually saw someone have their chest concave in and to this day I don't know how he didn't break any ribs.

Also not too many kids do squats in that class so squat testing is the funniest thing, we had one kid take the weight off the rack, bump into the very back of the rack, attempt to get on the plank of wood and then when he finally did start squatting and did all he could, he attempted to do one more and failed so he tried with one arm to grab onto the safety bars on the side in an attempt to push himself up. We also had one kid who would do quarter squats, he went to the squat rack, attempted to do 225 and did about 2 1/5th squats, so our teacher told him to move the weight down, he goes down to 185 and he has his ipod in during this and starts doing his quarter squats (mind you 7 is the max we can do for any lift, as people used to throw on light weight and pump out 20) and while everyone is yelling at him to stop, he managed to do 11 quarter squats. He finally racks the weight and our teacher says I'll give you one.


Lmao check this shit out. not related to squat racks but possibly the dumbest and funniest gym video i've ever seen. wahahahaha


Dorian rows? In MY power rack?

Seriously, I just don't understand why people do this. It is clearly not necessary.


This has become the latest craze to sweep my gym. I swear everyone there now curls in the smith machine to, and I quote, 'really pump up the lower bicep fibres and bring out definition'. All but about three people who go to my gym do this. It doesn't help that there's only one smith machine as well.