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Squat Rack Curls 5.0


Is doing 10 minutes of abs on a bench press bench the squat rack equivalent of curling?

Strange Things You've Seen at the Gym

i had just unracked the bar for a set of front squats, then "the bear nesescities" started playing over the radio. I tried very hard not to dance along


I was in the gym the other morning doing my chest work-out and this is what happened;

There was me and 3 other guys in the weight room. One guy was on the ab crunch machine, another guy was doing an endless number of reps of sit-ups on the decline bench, while the third guy was on the floor moving around like a dying seal(working his lateral abs?). They didnt know each other, but seemed to be ab crunching in syn. After about 5 minutes of this they all left and returned to the cardio room.

I cant believe people wake up 6 in the morning to do this shit.



Not if it's decline bench (upper abs) or an incline bench (lower abs).


aww i was looking forward to SRC Jr. lol...

soem guy on a bench press machine. saying "suck it" very loudly at the end of every rep. wtf?




Last week watched this older guy step up to the sq rack and position himself under the empty bar. I note to myself that I'm mildly impressed he's going to actually due a set or two with just the bar. Until... he unracks the bar, steps back completely out of the rack, and starts doing fucking trunk twists.. missed some ladies head by a foot or two with one end...


Yesterday at lunch I witnessed a late-20's dude with gel'd up hair wearing a heavy duty (EFS like) belt and gloves to do 1-plate calf raises in the smith.


Back in the day there was this huge black guy (Who was very very strong dude) who would yell "Mandingo Warrior!" after a big lift. I don't think anyone ever had the balls to ask him why though...

My son told me of a guy in Iraq who would say "F'n huge" after every rep and he wasn't very "F'n Huge" to start with...


I avoid saying anything at all after any rep or a set.

I remember doing some bench press last year, beating my max, and said "I could lift this with my cock". I missed the next rep...






so yesterday, there were these two teenagers doing chest. this seems to be all they every do, as they both had the most perfectly sculpted pecs i had every seen. Unfortunately, they had literaly NO MUSCLE anywhere else! seriously, pencil-thin arms, visible bones on their back, weird.

Also, a group of bros came down to bench - no warm up (they boasted about this), 100kg straight on the bar, struggling half reps etc. Then one of them asked the other (an apparent 'trainer' who works there) why his shoulders hurt. He replied that his shoulders also hurt, and that another trainer had told him that some people will just have shoulder pain. Of course neither of them had any upper back or rear delt development.
Mucho stupidity yesterday
/bitch over


One of my first days at the gym I saw this guy. Overweight, past his 40s, walking like if he was some kind of tormented soul roaming an old castle. His form doing any exercice is awful, takes a long time of rest between sets (of waving light DB, etc.) and so on.

Now, some time later, he's still doing the same. I kinda feel pity for him because he's obviously not going to see any progress at all, but I don't feel qualified enough to give him any guidance. I was also surprised that no one would help him since people there are quite friendly...but the other day I discovered why.

I was doing bench press and two guys were doing decline bench press nearby. They were doing some spotting and paying lots of attention to form and all that. Serious stuff.

So, close to those benches where we were there's an armchair. So one of the guys had his bag over the armchair and his bottle of water nearby, in the floor...so our tormented soul arrives and shouts, from like 5-6 meters away, "Whose that bag? Take it out" so the guy is in shock and takes the bag out. "And the bottle too".
Then he proceeds to sit down on the armchair...

When I left the gym, around one hour later, he was still sitting there. Nice attitude and manners. I'm sure that's why no one tries to help him.


There is this guy at the gym that just walks around the weight area, either listening to music or talking on the damn phone. He might pick up an empty bar and do some shrugs, then it's back to pacing. He is constantly in the way whenever you go to get a plate or some piece of equipment. DRIVES ME NUTS!!! DIE YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!! DIIIIIIEEEEEEE.


Why is there an armchair in the gym?


To squat in-- you know, for biceps.




I really can't tell you for sure because I don't know, but they hold contests in that same gym and they have some tables and some chairs around sometimes so maybe it's for that.
I really can't confirm this though.


There was a kid at my gym the other day doing squat rack squats.

...well, quarter squats.

...and he was wearing jeans.

...and he had them rolled up past his knees.