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Squat Rack Curl Question


Where do you guys do your barbell curls?

At the gym when the rack isn't in use, I just feel incredibly stupid placing the bar on the floor in order to just add a dime on each end (yes I am weak) when there is a vacant rack nearby.

Or is it worth doing on the floor for the sake of respect?

So where do you guys do your curls?

(Sorry if I sounded like a tool in this post...(especially that last line lol))


I curl in the squat rack, but only when the gym is mostly empty or no one is waiting to use it. If someone wants to do squats, I will move over.

Edit: I don't curl exclusively in the squat rack btw - only after a set of squats.


Do it on the floor, you're better than the curl jockeys. Your day will come.


My gym has a rack for the olympic bars and another one for the "ready made" barbells, ie. barbells with fixed weight.

If I'm the only one in the area, I'll take them directly out of the rack and curl in front of it. Otherwise, I'll put it on the floor a few feet away in order to avoid being 'that guy' who is blocking the rack when others want to access the weights.


You don't need the rack. Do it on the floor.


It's your gym too, curl wherever you want....

Respect should go with everything you do, so if someone wants to squat, yeah, you may want to give it up. But others should be respectful of you as well, so don't let anyone bully you.



Okay I'll do it on the floor.

Thanks guyz.


why not do them near the preacher bench and just use the preacher bench as a place to put the barbell between sets?


Whatever you do, please take a step ot two away from the rack no matter where you decide to do them. Nothing urks me more then someone standing so close to the rack that you cannot get the weights yourself.


not at a gym much, but i always add the plates, even small ones, to the bar on the floor when doing an exercise away from a rack. I do that at home too. Not that i do bb curls but for something like an overhead press i believe there's a benefit to cleaning the weight, even a light one, first in tightening up and getting in the mode needed for the reps.

I'd always curl with db's anyway, never liked being 'fixed' by the bar in curls, though i understand an e-z bar is better.


If it is clear that no one else needs the rack for the safety benefit of a heavy lift of course it is free game for curls. If the gym is busy and its a prime time don't do it.


I did squat rack shrugs for about 20 sets last week(about 30 minutes I took over the power-rack, went heavy though ...just to piss off the two TSB's waiting to use it for curls. These f'n guys sat there and read magazines on the couch until I was done. I had only planned on doing about 4 sets.

The guy using it before me pissed me off, he had the bench in there doing 95 lb bench presses with like 5 minute rest periods ...he was working on that new strength-bulk routine called "impossible".

Little bro's ...get the fuck outta the squat rack, either squat in it or do something really heavy with lots of 45's on the bar. I shouldn't have even been doing shrugs over there(with 405 but still), there was a reason for that ...piss off the TSB's.



I deadlift the bar from the floor, or I balance it on a bench.


dont do it ... not now not ever!
no curls in rack!


do it on the floor


My gym has a good number of flat benches. So if no one's in need of doing chest, I'll use the bar on the Flat Bench station and curl straddling the seat (there's a mirrored wall right behind it, so I get to watch my form as well)



Hey thats a damn good idea.


the only answer is to do them at the gym entrance, changing rooms or any narrow doorway or main walkway in your local gym.

it is your duty while doing BB curls to find the place where you can make the most annoyance for every1 else in the gym. Hell, take the BB outside and do sum sets in the center of the road.

just stick to the floor or squat rack if it isn't busy.


People doing shrugs in the rack pisses me off too. The main reason for that is because the only people I ever see doing shrugs are small as hell and they only do them so they can load a shitload of plates on there and think they look cool. Then when they actually do a set, it looks like they are humping the bar and having a seizure at the same time as they jerk it up about 1" using every muscle in their body except their traps.

If you can't deadlift the weight from the floor, you have no business trying to shrug it. If you can shrug more than you deadlift, you are either using shit form or need some serious help cause that's just sad.

Now if the gym is empty and no one is near the squat rack then do whatever the hell you want in there. But if there is even the slightest, most remote chance that someone might want to squat, get the hell out of there. Not everyone is going to come up to you and say, "hey I want to squat". Some people will wait quitely for the 30 min while you do your 20 sets of bar humps.


When doing dumbell curls it is your duty to back up 6" from the db rack, perform your set, then set the dbs back in the rack while keeping your hands on them while you rest between sets. This will effectively piss off anyone trying to retrieve a db within 2 feet of the ones you are using.