Squat Question

Does anyone remember what that tip/article said about not being able to hold your arms close when you squat?I can’t remember if it said it was because of your scap or something else.As most of you will have guessed by now,I tried it and my shoulder felt like it was stabbed,I almost let the bar roll of my back.

Also,after I do dips(i lean foward)my shoulders hurt for 3 secs then they are fine.What can i do to fix that aswell?

Wide-Grip Squatting = Bad Sign

Do you lack the shoulder flexibility to squat with your hands in somewhat close? If you really have to move your hands out super wide and take the bar position ultra-low to even get under the bar, you’re on the fast track to shoulder problems ? especially bicipital tendonosis. Watch out for this danger sign and get those shoulders fixed!

  • Eric Cressey, Cool Tips

You gotta build more shoulder retraction…at least that what it sounds like. The tip was to allow your pinky to fall off the bar to relieve some stress.

Dips are pretty rough by nature on the shoulder joints. I suggest you don’t go lower than the 90 degree elbow bend. The added stretch isn’t worth the joint trouble.

Also check out Dave Tate’s “band man” article. I used a similar method for “prehab” for my clients and it helps build joint mobility.

Good luck

very helpful info right here.


you guys spoil me.Thanks

The squat article basically said just inch my grip in over several workouts.That it?

And thank you for saving my shoulders,my dips were quite past parrallel,ill stop that.

and one more…with some pics…