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Squat Question


When doing squats (for hypertrophy, not PL'ing), I've always locked my knees out at the top between reps. Should I consider not doing so in an effort to keep my legs under a constant strain? In your opinions, would it make that much of a difference?



In the long run it shouldn't make that much of a difference, however I would suggest not locking any joint out to the point of hyperextension. Just the fact that you are squatting regularly will give you great gains


I agree - complete the movement, but don't hyperextend. This will involve a slight deceleration near the top of the movement. Most people can use a higher load this way than keeping a slight knee bend or a "constant tension," which is more beneficial for hypertrophy.



this is a joke, right?

i'm no expert, but i think Dan John is. note slide 6 specifically:



No joke, just an honest question. Thanks for the link. I guess by 'locking out' I just mean 'fully standing' to where there's much less work being performed by the legs - not hyperextending or putting undue pressure on joints, etc.

Anycrap, I've been seeing results with no injuries, so I'll keep on keeping on.


Dude, your words were "locked" and "out".

If your knees are either locked or out, then you've gone too high.

I feel like I spend all night telling ppl this. And this is on a leg press!

I feel that keeping tension on the muscle is a very good idea that will lead to significant differences in the exercise's effect.