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Squat Question A2G vs Parallel


Hey guys I got a quick question...

My lifting partner and I differ in how we do our squats, though we do about the same weight. He's the parallel squatter, and I try to get as low as possible.

In trying to mix it up the other day, I though i would do a couple sets his way.

However, at stopping at parallel, i either fell either weaker, or just uncomfortable, can't tell you for sure. Shouldn't I be just a strong through the whole rep. Am I doing something wrong? Think I should focus on those for a little bit?

I'm happy with my development, but my competitiveness doesnt want to be weak anywhere. Any suggestions are appreciated!


You're more confortable with your style that's why you feel "weak" doing another style. Give it a go for 3-4 weeks and you will be stronger on the paralel squat, just give yourself some time to adapt to the change. My main squat is ATG and I can tell you that I really feel uncomfortable stopping at paralel but once I practice it comes easy and the poundage goes up.


when you have the flexibility to go a2g, I bet you instinctively bounce up from rock bottom? So when going to parallel, you lose out on this bounce so therefore it all feels more uncomfortable.


Or just put up the weight you big puss bag. I mean c'mon, I have seen you squat and I think you are talking about squating to pee rather than squating weight.

I would recommend for you, a parallel squat.... less splatter back up on you.


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With a powerlifting stance, I go to slightly below parallel. Usually I like to use a box to build starting strength. With an Olympic stance I like to go ass to the grass. I do tend to bounce off the bottom.


This thread took a wild turn there for a minute. Beer Olympics? Nice. I must say that there have been quite a few threads on this recently. A great topic. Kind of like my crabs. But I digress. I go ass to grass because it makes me feel like I am getting the most out of my lift. I do the same with about every exercise. Sometimes I wonder what some guys think when they see me doing the same weight as them, yet I am fifty pounds heavier than them and look a decade ahead of them physique wise. It brings me back to my biggest gripe about guys who post numbers here, most of it is total bs. One guy here did tell me though that I need to just break my mold for a little while and up my weight with some heavies, like way more than I have ever tried, and I do declare, Mr. Beauregaurd, I love it.