Squat/Quad Pain

I was squatting wide stance last night and on the last set of the last rep, felt a slight pain in the right Quad. It was much closer to the IT band, if I remember correctly, than it was on the quad. The pain is on the outer side of my right Quad,(please read side of my leg) and doesn’t hurt when I walk, just when I do the squatting motion or sit down,sam ting. I try to keep my legs out when coming up and out of the bottom, and maybe this has been a part of the problem.

Is there anything I’m doing wrong in my wide stance squat as i just think this is a slightly strained muscle, not something I can’t live with basically? It hasn’t really affected my strength either, just would like to nip this in the bud before progressing on an injured quad and making it worse in the long run.

Thanks for the help guys and sorry for the vague response it’s the best my uneducated anatomy mind can do.