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Squat Progression

hey ct, just have a quick question if u have the time.

im starting to take a buddy of mine to the gym and wanted to know how i progress in teaching him how to squat with good form. he is overweight and not very flexible. last few sessions i had him doin alot of mobility and flexibility work. i then taught him how to squat facing the wall with his hand behind his head.

it took a while but after all the mobility work he was able to get it down. now he can do 10-12 reps for 3 sets without touching the wall and maintaining proper form. how do i progess from here? i was thinking of maybe introducing a light external load like a goblet squat with a kb or db. i was also thinking of maybe using the lumberjack squat. i dont think he is ready for a barbell just yet, so with either of this two exercises be a good way of introducing external loads to his squat? thanks!

As far as flexibility is concerned, CT posted this a while ago:

I hope it helps a bit. Good luck with your new trainee!


thanks for the link man!