Squat progression for a first time squatter

I met this guy in the gym when he asked me for a spot, and some feedback on his bench.

We got to chatting, as I don’t talk to anyone unless they ask for help. Turns out he hurt his hip pretty bad in high school, and had never squatted before.

We set up a time, and I took him through my beginners squat progression.

We started with a dynamic warm up, and extra static stretching for his hips, ankles, and shoulders.

Then we started with bodyweight squats and went from there, I didn’t get all the sets on film, but you get the idea. He had never squatted before and we took him up to a pretty good 225 well below parallel.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments, as I use this progression as my warm up before I squat as well.

This guy had never squatted before? Really impressive! It’s so rare to see first-timers go to depth with good form.

I’m sure you’ll get him up to 315 in no time.

It was his first time squatting ever, he used to run track in high school, so he had a well developed posterior chain, but I doubt he weighs much more than 200.

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Very impressive stuff mate, inspirational stuff.

Keep it up.

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