Squat Programming

What is your squat programming like?

I’m curious for a beginner WLer how would you program squats?

I do the full classical lifts on the same day twice a week.

Brook Kubik offers a squat program for O-lifters… if i remember it correctly it is a O/H press movement, followed by a snatch pull, clean pull, or power clean, then 6x3 sets of squats front or back. This workout is done 3x per week.

How many days do you have to train, what are your regular lifts.

Right now I’m switching between lifting 3-4 days a week depending on the week.

i practice each classical lift twice a week. I squat 3x a week (bs 2x, FS 1x)

Snatch - 115 (6x2)
C&J - 155 (6x2)
BS - 185 (5x5)
FS - 155 (5x5)
I’m 5’7, 170lbs

On one of back squat workouts do 6x2 at 70 to 80% max progression explosively , also change up reps on your front squats vary do different rep scheme 2,3,4,5 weekly.