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Squat Programming Help

My current squat is pretty weak considering im 6’2 225 and have long legs. Current max is about 315 and ive been following the 5/3/1 program for about 2 months now. I squat about twice a week. My goal is to squat 405 and then eventually 500. What should I train in my programming; go heavier more often, more volume? I’ve done Smolov about a year ago and got significant gains but did not keep them. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

5/3/1 will get you there if you train hard and consistently. Also more bodyweight = bigger squat.

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It sounds like you could handle a lot more volume if you were able to get through Smolov, and the lack of volume is most likely why you couldn’t maintain your gains. Smolov is too much for most people and that sort of volume isn’t really sustainable, especially if you also plan to train bench and deadlift as well. You should take a look at Amit Sapir’s squat thread, check out the discussion me and him have been having (ignore the arm/shoulder pain stuff because that probably doesn’t apply to you) and ask him some questions, there is nobody better qualified on this forum to help you than him.

Check out this video when you have time, it’s 2 hours but definitely worth watching for someone unsure about how much volume they need:


Great thanks guys! i’ll check out the video and the thread!