Squat Program Suggestions

Hey guys lately I have been doing the 13 week smolov squat program. I have just finished the base mesocycle gained about 20kg on my max ( went from 160kg to 180kg ). Now I am in the switching phase and will be doing the intense mesocycle 1 week later. Since I want to specifically train to improve my squat I was actually thinking to do smolov again after finishing it. Do you think this would work? and if not, what other programs can I do after smolov that will improve my squat? Thanks.

Everything works until it doesn’t.

Give it a try, if you’re recovering adequately and making progress keep at it. If things start to backslide or recovery takes a shit then you need to try a different approach.

I don’t feel like you can constantly run smolov and keep making improvements like you want. Though there are always outliers.

I’ve never heard of anyone running smolov twice, let alone right after each other. If your recovery protocols are all on point and you can keep the mental edge needed for the full 13 weeks, go for it.

Are you trying to build your squat or peak it?


If I were you, I’d go for something with lower frequency. Or if you really like and can recover from the ridiculous amount of volume, you can look up the JuggerCube (a mix between the juggernaut method and the Cube). The spreadsheet I found for it, a year ago had 3-4 times a week squatting including close stance, wide stance, front squats and beltless squats. So it may take you to the next level.

The Cowboy Method is a pretty cool program and the proceeds go to charity if you buy the $2 book.

Pwnisher raises a very good question. You don’t finish Smolov, gain 50 kilos to your max and keep it for long. You will experience a loss of strength shortly after finishing Smolov. With this in mind, I would be willing to bet you would have a very hard time running Smolov back-to-back. It would, especially, be impossible to run your new maxes as your training weights. The weights you would have to use to be successful in this would put you in a position where you would be better suited choosing a more applicable program for your goals.

I wish life worked like that…