Squat Program + Olympic Lifting + French Contrast Training + Conditioning

Hello to Coach CT or anyone following this category/thread. New sure so not sure how the tagging works but reposting an edited version of my query under this category instead.

I’ll go straight to my question. Is there a way to program a Squat Program + both olympic lifts but at the same time, including a french contrast method (then with maybe some aerobic and anaerobic conditioning mixed in?

Quick background about me – i’ve done 5/3/1, hatch, smolov, and other squat programs in the past and have gotten great results from it. But then i’ve recently gotten back to playing ice hockey recreationally. Ive recently tried the offseason triphasic + French Contrast training of Cal dietz and i could say ive gotten faster and fitter for the sport. However, i felt my strength in the lift (especially in my squats) dropped significantly (yes i know that it will have to give due to the focus on speed and power)

Though Im just doing hockey recreationally and i dont really have a peaking period (just regular beer league where i don’t want to suck)… was wondering if anyone here can help attempt to mix both methodologies/programs that i can maintain for maybe like a few months. I just want to continuously get stronger, but at the same time have that speed and power for sports.

Maybe i just need a general idea of how that would look for a week. Or if theres a program i can follow/buy which checks all of these, much better.

Thank you

Probably not. At least not all at a high level.

Basically you are asking to train like a competitive olympic lifter (squatting and doing the 2 olympic lifts 3-5 times a week) on top of adding french contrast.

That amount of training stress (at least if you do enough volume of each to benefit from them) will be too much for most.

Heck, just when doing a Smolov squat program they recommend reducing the amount of other lower body exercises.

I’m sure you’ll still try it. And it’s your training, you can do what you want, but it is not something I recommend.

Thank you for the reply coach. After reading through a lot of what has been posted about Olympic lifting and sports programming here in this forum, seems there is really no way to do everything all at once so I guess it goes back to breaking the training down to specific blocks. I think i may have overly complicated things in my original post. Taking this into consideration is there a way to schedule properly strength training with Olympic lifting and power and speed training without a peakingw or realization phase and without entirely cutting back on one aspect of training. I guess the priority would be Olympic lifting with strength training that is translatable to playing ice hockey… If you would have a program in mind.

Thank you

Try finding a strength training pgm particular to hockey, (in a book about hockey or on a hockey web site). Ask your coach. Look at example pgms from top hockey players and reduce their size/difficulty.
Except - I have tried this for more than one sport, there was no measurable or obvious improvement ! All benefits came from spending more time practicing the given sport and recovering from it more carefully. I find this is common amongst recreational sports players.
Exception seems to be where strength is an absolutely integral part of the sport, eg shot putting, rugby and so on.

I find strength training has other benefits - it varies your overall body condition, feels good and if combined with a good tan looks better on the beach.

If you want to train strength/power using multiple methods I suggest you use the principles of periodisation and concurrent training.

Ultmately, decide whether you most want to measure progress on the hockey pitch or in the weights room.

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