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Squat & Program Help Needed


Hello, new to the forums here just wanted an outsiders view on 2 quick questions

I squat twice per week with a 3x2 and a 3x8 workout
This past Sunday i hit 295 for my top set of 2 and it was a bit of a grinder and RPE closest to a 10 possible. Would it be wise to continue my heavy sets of 2 or scale back the weight/volume and recovery so when i attempt 300 i wont fail, or should i go until i find a weight where 2 reps is not in the cards. And a quick question about programming, anyone every try Candito’s 6 week program? Seems a bit skewed my numbers will shoot up that fast.

Squat from 300 to 550
Bench from 225 to 355
Deadlift from 465 to 620

Thanks guys!


I had a lot of luck squating daily either front or back squat it takes some time to get used to it. I would hit try and hit 5lbs better on my 1,2,3 or 4 rep max or get an extra rep in. That worked really well for me now I’m starting a different program and seeing how it goes. And are those numbers what you hit and your goals? What weight are you


What’s your progression? What else do you train? It’s a bit hard to answer your question without knowing a little more.

Also, like Vince asked, what are those numbers? For all the lifts that is several years’ worth of progress.


Some things you can try:

  1. Deload. Drop 3x2 work by 10% and focus on increasing the 3x8 workout to 4x8.

  2. Change the rep scheme. If your 3x8 is still moving, switch to 2x3 with a lighter weight and work with that.

  3. Drop heavy work for some time and just focus on volume. Change 3x8 to 4x6 and 3x2 to 3x5 (with lighter weights.) Aim to increase 4x6 to 4x8 and 3x5 to 3x6. Don’t stress over weight.


I would stick in the 75-85% range in the 2-3 rep range (typically 75x3’s 80x3’s on occasion but usually 80 and 85x2’s). If the percentages seem too high and you aren’t making good reps, drop it back 10% and work there. Work on controlling the weight and making good reps with good form. Do this for 8-12 weeks before moving to a 4 week strength/peaking phase to see how its working. Technique is most important. Good technique leads to bigger lifts.

I’ve never tried or examining much from Candito. Just remember he’s a lighter guy and lighter guys can typically handle more volume and/or reps per set.


At your level Madcow/Bill Starr 5x5 or a proven program off this site like this below would be much better…

Ignore Candito he is nothing in the strength training world. As far as I can tell he is just some kid who has decided to give himself guru status on the youtubezz after doing a few meets


Have you ever tried front, zercher or box squats on light days? replace back squats on 3x8 with one of the aforementioned.

If you want to change programs:

RampantBadger made a good suggestion. I did it and it was a nice break from the norm. Not easy just a nice short change.

or do a similar program called Russian Bear from TeamAndro. Use google page translate. 3 days per week, Twice a week per lift, Heavy n Light.

or just go with Jamie Lewis Destroy the Opposition using Heavy Medium and Light; flexibility with sets and reps if u r having a great or crappy day.


Is that you in your avatar?


And what makes you more fit to give advice?


Nope, Hetfield


Confirms what I have long suspected.


Hold it ! are you asking if the numbers are skewed? And will be that high after 6 weeks or am i miss understanding?


I’ll start with the Candito assertion first. No one will ever add 250 lbs to a REAL max squat in weeks. When looking for advice or programs stay away from youtube lifters like Candito, Izzy, etc. These guys are salesmen, nothing more. Stick to guys like Wendler, Dave Tate, Ched Wesley Smith, Coan, Karwoski, etc.

Twice a week squatting is fine for frequency IMO. Regarding volume, you need to find your sweet spot. You need to use ony the combination of volume and load which permits you to COMPLETELY recover until the next training session. By completely, I mean ONE FULL DAY past where you feel recovered. There is no law that says you need to use a 7 day week. For exampe, I use a nine day week (old fuck at 55). My opinion based upon my 35 years of training experience (17 in competition) is that doubles are only the result of a missed triple.

For the Squat I like reps from 3-6, so one day will be 3 x 3-5 (ramped up sets 20lbs apart) using a modified Hepburn Progression (3,3,3 - 3,3,4 - 3,3,5, etc) followed by one or two sets of 5 second pauses. When I hit 3,3,5 I add ten lbs to the sets and continue. The second day will be somewhat lighter and will follow 3 x 5 jumping in weight only when the heavy day jumps.

Assistance is only good mornings for 3 x 6-10, and leg curls for 3 x 8-12.

When you fail to get 3 x 3 in the Squat, back of 10% and continue. I also don’t deload until I feel like crap.


Wendler, Tate, and Smith are salesmen as well. Candito and Izzy give away programs.