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Squat Problems

When I squat lately I seem to be going up on my toes, I also raise my hips faster than my back so it ends up at a goodmorning of sorts.

I doubt I can front squat 50% of my back squat max and I have tight hip flexors and notice on my deadlift that I use almost no glutes, so I think they 1. dont kick in right 2. are weak,

So does this happen because of weak glutes and quads? I figure that I basicaly just extend my legs and put all the weight on my lower back and hamstrings to get through the lift.


You might be tight in the calves or soleus area.

Try going back onto your heels/midfoot before descending and maintain that feeling throughout. See if that helps any.

Are you sitting back into your squats?

Your butt rising faster than your shoulders/head is indicative of weak abs or losing the tightness in them and/or your upper back losing it’s tightness. The problem isn’t caused by either quads, glutes, or hamstrings. Make sure you are leading the ascent with your head.

If you think you have glute problems, there are several articles on this site alone that address the causes and fixes. I can’t think of any right now but a search might work wonders.

If you can video yourself squatting - do so. It can tell you a million things. You will notice things you weren’t even aware were going on.

Good luck!