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Squat Problems Too

I cannot reach back to hold the bar while doing squats unless I hold the bar almost all the way out to the ends of the gripping surface (looks like im crusified or something)…The problem is it feels real wierd like im off balance…lately Ive been just using the inverted leg press…I stretch but it seems like the bigger I get the less capable I am of reaching back that far…I really like squats and don’t want to stop doing them…Any tips?

do you have shoulder problems? if not, i would say you are just too damn tight. stretch more.

DA MAN- A few years back I had a pinched nerve in my right clavicle area…Some muscle tissue got caught between something and something else? and it took some time for it to get worked out…Thats the only injury Ive had…I stretch already but perhaps not good enough…thanks for the input…

i had the same problem, i could not get my hands in tight at all, i had zero flexibility in that position, couple things helped me:

  1. strengthen of shoulders/rotator
  2. lots of stretching and just ‘practicing’ getting my hands in tight with no weight on the bar. i practiced just getting my hands in tight/close on every workout, as part of just ‘stretching’,

and the #1 thing that helped: squeezing the bar really hard

my hands are way in now…

the reason you feel imbalanced is possibly because your hands are so wide, brinigng them in close is keeyyy

practice on moving your hand position in every week, even by a small amount. make a conscious effort. also how low is the position of the bar on your back? i think that might play a role. i think my shoulder flexibility sucks but i’m still able to get inside the rings with the bar at near high back level. laters pk

Do you have access to any of these?

  1. Safety squat bar
  2. Cambered bar
  3. Manta Ray

If so, I would suggest using any of these as an alternative to the leg press until you get your shoulder problems are solved.