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Squat Problem


Hello everyone I am really not new to lifting, but i am new to really trying to master the squat. mine has always been weak and awkward (and shallow ), but as i said i am really trying to fix it.
i have attached a vid and anybody that has some good advise about how to correct what i am doing would be greatly appreciated. thanks


See if you can post the vid straight up and in real time.

But I'll tell you general, there are only three issues when it comes to weightlifting.

  1. Corrective Exercise- CAN you do it

  2. Form- Do you know how to do it

  3. Programming- What, When and How much

Most people think they are falling in the second two issues but I'd say 9/10 it's a corrective exercise issue. In other words most people try to cue and program themselves out of problems that can't be fixed by cues and programming.

Post vid anyway though.


I'm assuming there's nothing wrong with doing the corrective exercises once you're already perfectly capable. I.e., they're good for everyone, and better for those who need it.

Do you have a set of corrective exercises that you'd recommend for just about anyone to do?


The problem is most people don't know how far from their "perfect form" ceiling they are. You won't know unless you've been there before or you have someone else tell you.

Keystone issue is glute activation. That is the granddaddy.

Id say quadraped glute activation is the best starting point.

If you have a glute activation problem and you don't fix it you will not be able to fix anything else you are having issues with. And if you only fix it a little bit, you will only improve on everything else a little bit.

The goal of the exercise in the vid is to focus on hip movement and keep the back completely still. Much harder than you might think.

Exercises such as these are done so wrong so often that if anyone told me they did glute activation exercises I would basically guarantee they are doing them wrong.

The only person I've ever seen teach a glute activation exercise properly in person was Mike Boyle when he was my professor back in 2004. I've been training in several gyms in two states since.

After that work on kneeling hip flexor mobs and t spine mobs etc... also some adductor dynamic stretches. You can do all of this stuff at the same time. But none of it will come around until the glute activation does.


Hey that is the only vid i have and i am not savvy enough to fix it,sorry. Is there any other thoughts on what i can do to correct what i got going on here?


As far as the video, you might try uploading it to youtube and posting the link.

For squatting, if you squat with an empty bar, can you hit depth? Can you go deeper? Can you do a goblet squat or a frontsquat to depth?