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Squat Problem with Breaking at Knees and Hips

could this issue actually increase my overall squat? so right now after noticing some videos i’ve been seeing about me low bar squatting i see myself breaking at the hips first and after a while break at the knees. i feel squatting extremely heavy at 160

as you can see im trying to low bar squat and break at hips first.

should i deload weight for this?

I’m not even sure what you are really asking. You can break at the hips first or knees and hips at the same time, if one way works better for you then it’s better, but don’t try to avoid breaking at the knees or you will be doing a good morning. The first video looks mostly ok, but it looks like you are trying to not let your knees go forward which will limit quad involvement. The 2nd video looks weird and you are squatting high. Watch the JTS squat pillars videos on youtube.

guessing i should lean forward a bit more for low bar?