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Squat Problem That I Can't Figure Out

When i squat (this includes back squating and front squatting) my hips shift laterly to the left, this happens as soon as the weight becomes a substantial load for me to be lifting, which is not very heavy.Sometimes i can almost stop this, but not often, sometimes i can even it out as a squat up but that doesnt usually work either. The first thing that came to mind was that i had a weak Right leg which i needed to strengthen. However tonight when i tested the strength of both legs(with bulgarian split squats), they came out quite even. This was not very surprizing to me as i had other problems with my squat form before and used single leg work to try and fix them.

According to Mike Robertson when i asked him about this said “With a lateral weight shift you’ll have a tendency to shift “off” the stiffer/weaker hip. In that case, I would be performing extra foam rolling, stretching/mobility and strength work for that side”

obviously this seems logical, but after testing myself tonight im pretty confused because my strength for both sides was virtually identical…the only difference was sometimes when i descended the right knee whoobled a bit at heavier weights. As for the mobility aspect of this, well my mobility happens to be BETTER on my right side, because this time last year i had a back injury on my right side and really focussed on loosening up all the hip muscularture on my right side, i did so on the left side too, but focussed more so on the right.

One possible and likely cause of this goes back to a knee injury(my RIGHT knee) i had from playing highschool football…according to my PT at the time i had sprained my meniscus(while recovering and playing another year of football i hurt it a couple more times) after a few more months of PT she thought that i may have Torn my meniscus…Where i live it takes a long time to get an MRI, so we went straight into an Arthroscopy operation (which also took a while to get), however when the doctor got in there he said he didnt see anything wrong with it.

After this i followed whatever my PT told me to…played another year of football and it didnt bother me again until my last game where i sort of re hurt it…was back to normal very quickly though. To this day i still feel the effects of it, when I lock my knees out fully my right knee cracks pretty loudly and i feel stuff moving around in there…also if i do a stretch like in this video…25 seconds in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u-RzqJoAsY
I get a sharp pain in the outside of my right knee, also when i was doing full body workouts as an experiment i was front squating 4 times a week which left an uncomfortable feeling in this knee throughout the day.

Sorry for posting my entire life story, but i really want to solve this problem and for once in my life squat some heavy weights.

Any help is majorly appreciated!

i too have the same issue. when i get into the bottom of the squat, i tend to shift to the left a bit, especially at the start of the upwards movement.

i have not confirmed this, but I do believe it has to do with tight glute/hamstrings in that area. I have not tried to hard to alleviate myself of this, so I cant say whether or not it is true, but it seems plausible.

I’ll add some static stretching in for my glutes and hammies and see how that works.

i have it too. i think it’s just bad posture as i favor one side (hips usually on the left)