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Squat Problem, Right Hip Dips Down

Hey guys.
I have posted here a video of me squatting. I have no idea how I would address this. It seems no matter how much I keep my knees tracked over my feet I still have this problem, where my right hip ends up lower than the left. Any thoughts?

This seems to be a recent occurrence, and I can’t figure out why it’s popped up all of a sudden.
Thanks so much I appreciate you all more than you know.


Hip shift?

Check out this thread on hip impingment. Which maybe can cause hip shift?

Can you feel it when it’s happening?

Ok! What exactly is hip impingement?

Yes this sounds like something I could do. My case seems to be more severe than his, however.

Hip Impingment is like wonky, or restricted motion of the hip joint.
The muscles around your hip get tight, your hip doesn’t move correctly, and then every lift or movement gets thrown off.

Stretch out the “front” of your thigh and hip, plus your groin, and see if things work any better.

No I can’t. This is what makes it even more difficult

Ok sounds good. Thank you :slight_smile: