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Squat Problem, Lower Back Pump

What i should fix in my squat? Its middle of training. I know that i have problem with glutes but what more? A lot of the time power back pump is killing my body on legs day.

I would start by learning to brace and then sitting back further at the start by pushing your hips back more before you start to squat down.

You’re basically sitting straight down with a tilted pelvis putting all the strain on your lower back and knees.

Google / youtube kabuki bracing and watch those videos.

( I don’t have a bunch of links handy currently ). Also it looks like you might have some monsters at your gym- it’s always helpful to get some hands on help where you can, ask around.


Thanks mate can u give me some good activations for that or i should be focused to fix that and later activations if my tehnique will be better?

There’s no activation movements for it really.

The simplest thing I can say is to do some air squats with your back against a well, Try standing 4-6 inches away from the wall and push your hips back until you touch the wall to get a feel for it.

Note I’m not telling you to sit back like doing a full box squat, just to sit back a bit further than you are now.

Start with the bracing first. Watch all those videos, master it and things will start to fall into place a bit better after that.

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Thanks for help mate!!

It looks like you have a bit of spinal flexion at the bottom of the squat, AKA butt wink, which would explain the back pump. In addition to working on bracing, for now you can also limit depth a little bit since you are going well below parallel, just aim to squat as low as you can without any change in lower back position. Once you get the bracing and butt wink sorted out, if you have trouble hitting depth you could do some hip mobility work but I don’t think that is an issue at the moment.

This right here, plus their Instagram pages (there are more than one). Also Squat University has a lot of useful stuff.

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You are not bracing. I can see your abs extend and open up vs pulling them down.

That will most likely fix your lower back pump issue. Brace hard, protect your lower back.

Meybe that can explain no power in legs 130 killin after 2 reps its like easy 110 120 and really hard 130. I will try to do that in my next legs session. Cheers