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Squat/Press/Sissy Sq. - Rep. Work @ 100 degrees


Been a while since I came so close to hurling!

Just the highlights!
SQ -210x50x1
Press -250x20T/20B/20Wx1
Sissy -BWx35


What was the point of that?


The 'meat & potatoes' of my training has always been built around basic movements in the four to ten rep. range for all body parts.(see my other youtube clips) However; I beleive there is a time & place for all types of training. I have periods when I run sprints & bleachers, medicine ball throws & bell swings, barbell/d.bell complexes, jumps, field agility, intensification techniques, unilateral work, high rep work, etc.

Legs/quads generally respond well to high rep. work for lifters with the 'sack' to tolerate the discomfort. I beleive the current term in fashion is 'Time Under Tension'. Partial range of motion work is an excellent volume builder when used correctly & sissy squats IMO are a great way to end Quad. work or as part of a superset.
Stength/Stamina are measured in many ways.


And here I was thinking that Voldemort did only low rep work.


Your legs don't look very massive for how much sack you have.


good stuff, great job on the sissies.



I'm a little surprised at some of the feedback here...

BCT can put up some fine numbers on back squats, especially for his age and weight.
He just happened to post a high rep day...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnDtasedzwM&feature=channel_page <- still high as far as reps go, but come on... 410x15 is a lot more than what the majority of the T-Nation population is capable of.

(I couldn't squat 405x15 back when I was weighing in at 207... Not even close)


yea man. fuck the haters. that was sick. And your numbers speak for themselves.

btw, I could see what was done on the leg press, but what does the B, T, and F mean? I also feel retarded for being surprised at those sissy squats. I have never seen that apparatus before.


Post your clip of a bodyweight squat for 50 & we'll go from there? Or perhaps 2x for 15?


Years ago I was a Sleestak........glad to see I'm keeping up with the times!


Thanks for the positive comments guys!

dawg: T=top portion of rep/ B=bottom portion/ F=full rep. There may be times when I do the bottom first; or a rep & a half w/the only the bottom or top. The designation enables me to record the specific order in my log.