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'Squat Press' Machine vs. Leg Press


I've been doing Leg Presses for the last few months (don't worry, I'm also squatting). But the other day I noticed the little tag thingy, and it said the machine was actually a Squat Press. What's the difference?

Also, does anybody have experience with front squatting with straps attached. I tie the straps onto the bar, and pull the bar up while coming out of the hole. I saw it in a video. I call them Strap-On-Front-Squats (TM). lol. I like it better, as it allows me to focus more on my quads.


Is this because of wrist mobility issues? i.e. not being able to do front squats with a clean grip? If so, front squats with straps are perfectly okay but I think there is a limitation on the maximum weight you can handle (palms holding on to straps), the BB cross grip feels better. Speaking from experience and assuming i understood your question correctl.y


squat press http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHHtl3LRgs0

leg press http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyKi5-uamU0


^^LOL @ the dude in the bottom videos crazy eyes, Oh yeah and right at 1:10

EDIT: hahahah the top one is good too. last rep and a half were hilarious


what's the difference? My leg days are like this:

1) DB SLDL 4 x 8-10
2) Conventional / Sumo DL 3 x 6-10
3) Squat Press 3 or 4 x 8 - 10
4) Front Squat 3 x 8-10
5) Hack Squat 3 x 8-10

Would I be better served switching from squat press to leg press?


I don't think it makes a difference. We have both of those machines in the videos at my gym and I think it just comes down to preference. I don't like the Cybex machine (squat press). I prefer the leg press and feel like you can do different foot placements on it more comfortably.


OP, is this plate-loaded or no?


Well damn... was it as good for you as it was for me?


I like the squat press when I try to get more hamstrings involved. I can't be 100% sure though because it could be my height that causes me to feel my hamstrings work more in the squat press than the leg press.


The squat press I use is exactly like the one in the video. It is plate loaded. For direct quad stimulation, would the leg press be a better choice?


I have never used the squat press shown in the video, but I agree with Thoughts, it looks very similar to the leg press. I would just stick to whichver is most comfortable for you.


You would better served from back squats.


Read the OP. He back squats. He's 6'2" and his goal is bodybuilding. How do you know that he shouldn't use these machines?

Both look very similar, don't think it matters much which one you use. Use whatever feels best.

I don't think anyone sees any problem with unorthodox front squat grips for people who don't plan to do oly lifting. Think Poliquin "approved" it a few years ago. Good enough for me. And I think you can lift pretty impressive weights no matter what grip you use. Meat did 605 or so with crossed arms, H4M did 4 pps or so "no hands" and so on. Whatever works for you :wink:


Yeah, I prefer front squats. I don't feel back squats in my quads AT ALL. If I did back squats, it would be for conditioning purposes (tabatas or something). I think a lot of people do back squats because they think the "have to" in order to get big. Obviously they're a great choice, but not 100% necessary for all. Like Kakno said, I'm 6'2, and tall guys have more problems w/ back squats in my experience. Also horses, they can't back squat at all.


The squat press is on a pivot vs the 30-40 degree fixed angle of a leg press, both will hit your quads but it really comes down to which one feels more natural to you. Adjust your feet width and height find that sweet spot and hammer shit out.

Your over thinking this a little bit.


If I could just throw this out there, the squat press would probably be more comfortable for me because it pivots, so your pelvis doesn't have to tilt as much, which would keep from rounding and irritating my back. I may be wrong, though.


I'm the opposite. I saw great progress from that squat press machine in my gym. That was before I moved though and before I started using the squat machine where you stand in it....which I think it better than both overall.

Yes, it is about feel and there is no reason to be set on one more than another until you've tried both and found which one feels better and allows more weight.


Bingo. That is why I did them. It felt more like a "free motion" movement than one where you are on a rail.


that was hard core


CT uses straps on the bar; he says it's the best way to do it, that's why i do it that way

the cross-arm grip also allows one elbow to be higher than the other, and I don't like the idea of any asymetry - spell check - when I'm trying to squat, especially if that difference goes all the way down to the knees, as I'm sure it does