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Squat Position


I read a lot of things about squatting, but last week i red somethings that make me confuse, some westside guys said that i have to 'lock' my hip by positioning my feet in the same way. like this: ll insted of the classic \/. its supposed to be a position who help my hip to work, but i'm afraid to use this, because i always squated with a 'V' feet position, now i would like to know if the parallel feet are good to?
thank you


According to Mark Rippetoe (google him), the squat stance should be feet outside of shoulders, bar low on traps, 30 degree taper of toes outward. If I had money, I'd get his book "Starting Strength" where he devotes 52 pages to the Squat.


Do whatevers comfortable... Just make sure you don't look too much like an idiot.


Like using a pad on the bar, loading it up with 225 and then only going down about three inches. I just shake my head when I see this. And the sad thing is, I see it all too often.


Toes in, out, or in line with knees will be a personal preference. Huge amounts have been squatted each way safely. My knees tend to be happier if I try to line my toes up with the direction my knees are pointing.


This is a very good book. Probably the first one at least 90% of the training population should get.


don't be scared....fucking A just load up with less weight than normal and try the new foot position, if it doesn't feel right then don't do it....you just have to try out new things and don't ever be scared, it's just a bunch of iron


Funny you never see someone squatting more than 225 with a pad on the bar.


I might be wrong but I think I've read somewhere that with a wide stans and feet paralell you'll use the hipmuscles quite a bit more and will get a better "rebound" from bottom position.

Personally I don't like it, feels just plain wrong for me. I keep my feet slightly angeled out.

Do whatever feels best for you.



That's the point.


thanks guys, i'll just try it, but like some of you said, i feel better with the V position !


I used to do the slightly pointed out squat...it was just easier and more comfortable.....

but I just watched the Ian King video and he says parallel feet is best...and we need to develop the flexibility to be able to do that properly...

for me this means a lot more warm-up and stretching.........


Don't wanna sound like captain obvious here but I was refering to a comfortable foot and squat position.