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Squat Position



My girlfriend noticed that when I squat my ankle/feet turn a little bit. Is it normal ?

I wonder if it is because my stand is too narrow, because of the shoes, or etc . ???

A little bit of help would be appreciated here.




Here is the youtube link


I'm not Christian, but I didn't notice your feet move at all. They look firmly planted.


Also not CT, while I don't see your ankles turning (other then being pointed out slightly which is fine) it looks to me like you are only hitting about half depth.
I'd work on your hip mobility and work on getting your squat depth lower.
While I don't think everyone needs to go ATG, you should at least be hitting around parallel.


actually I do notice your heels coming up in your bottom squat position .... it could be your ankles are not flexible enough yet to squat to depth .... maybe a 2.5 lb plate under your heels to get stable ..... you should be pushing off the heel ..... plus I also notice your ankles collapses inward when you squat and walk backwards .... which I've always thought of weak foot arches .... which is maybe something you should strengthen too ..... all around it feels your feet are not very stable..... just my opinion .... I'm sure ct has more to say that's more accurate and helpful


Hey Ourouk, how's everything been man? Been a while, it's nice to see you're still going strong.

I see what it is you mean, as ConceptHenry mentioned, your ankles are caving in a little. I'm of the same opinion that the ankles lack flexibility. Most def try adding 2.5lbs plates, or even better if you have a chance to buy some Olympic lifting or Crossfit shoes with a raised heel. From personal experience it really helps with achieving proper (or at least better) posture for squats.


Ankles collapsing inwards, knees not pushed out enough, weight moving forward on your toes (balance point shifting forward), not hitting depth, and heels coming off the ground. The actual angle your feet are turned out is ok, it's everything else.

Work hip mobility, calf flexibility and soft tissue quality, quad soft tissue quality, T-spine mobility (it influences your balance point by allowing you to actually keep your chest up and back tighter, and it takes the load off of other things that have been compensating), glute activation and strength in a big damn way, hamstrings. The first four things are the killers to work on.

I would be looking at K Star and embracing the pain if I were you. Also note that I use different terms on purpose (mobility, flexibility, soft tissue). While interrelated, these things are distinct in many ways and you should be focusing on the mentioned qualities the most. Not sure the best way to work on the actual strength of your foot's arch.

As always, if CT says anything disagreeing with me, definitely take his word.



Thanks for your comments ! Talking about depth,I was also surprised to see that I don't go very deep. When I see myself in the mirror (front view), I had the impression I go deep but from a back view it is very different !


you may want to read this on the part of the "tripod foot" it may help with collapsed arches when squatting



ConceptHenry thanks for posting that article. I was actually looking for the video, about the "foot-dialing", to post here. I find this helps a lot by keeping everything in the proper alignment . Definitely give this one a shot, Martin.


no problem..... I find it helps turn on the abductors and glutes too in the bottom position .... although I try not to push my knees out too far ..... just like todd says in his article..... just enough ..... plus if you can google dan green's squat vid he also talks about it .... he pushes the knees out in the bottom position too but as you go up he pulls it back toward the middle just a little ....

as for the knee to track from second toe to get better leverage going back up.... seems to help me in my front squat.....just remember to keep the 3 points of the foot contacted on the ground ....


Subtle shift of position, but no buckling.


found it


haha you beat me to it!


here's another that talks about it