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Squat/Pistol Form Help. Flexibility?


For the last few months I've tried to increase my range of motion in the squat, get my ass as far south as i can. I've incorporated some of the things from the magnificent mobility video, in particular dynamic stretches for the hips, and it's helped a bit. I can comfortably squat a few inches above parallel now without falling over or bending my back.

The problem, it seems, is with my right leg. Just recently I've tried adding pistols into my routine and my right knee always seems to track in, unless my foot is pointed out which just seems to throw me off balance.

Do I just keep working at the right side and it'll come along? Continue with my stretching? Cause it's been almost half a year and the progress has been slow. Just want to make sure I'm not wasting my time.


When I started getting serious about squatting, I knew I needed to squat to parallel, so I just did it. It hurt like shit and it took some weight to actually push me down far enough but I just grew some balls and let the squats serve as my stretch.


follow this video by Dan John.
....the 1st 15mins are about squatting.

As for the knee tracking in. I would do deep walking lundges instead of pistols since u are starting out.

also can u post a video or pics of you squatting?


hum... I wouldn't recommend that. Its a good way to pull something when u got someone who is too tight.


I'll try and get some videos or pictures up, hopefully the quality isn't too shitty coming from my blackberry haha

Thanks for the video, I'll make sure to watch it after work tonight