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squat pains

my question is this. i just started lifting again, and i am concentrating on multi-joint lifts(squats,deads,dips,pullups,pushups). when i squat, i end up with such pain in my hamstrings and adductors (cramps & spasms)that i can’t finish even two sets. i really want to include squats in my routine so any advice could help.

Try 5 min. of light cardio and some basic toe touchs/groin stretchs to get some blood and heat in those strings!! You gotta have flexible and strong hammies to squat.

Hi, BigFlammer. My first thoughts are:

  1. Stretching (there is some controversy over whether stretching is beneficial) before, during or after.
  2. Warmup sets, full range of motion, light weights, of course.
  3. You said you just started lifting again. I hope you’re not trying to lift at your old numbers after an extended absense. Whether that’s the case or not, your body is rebelling. There’s times to push your body and there are times we should coddle our bodies just a bit, like after an extended layoff. Start with lighter weights and higher reps, and just go up in your numbers every week until you’re lifting the weight you want for the reps you want.

    Good luck to you! Glad to hear you got back with the program. Your body will adjust.

This is VERY common, when starting to squat after not doing it for a long time. Keep doing them, go easy for a bit, and it will stop.

thanks for the tips, i think it will be really helpfull.