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Squat Pain

I’ve been squating for a good 8-10 weeks but latley I’ve had a bit of a stomach pain on the left hand side between my pelvis and the middle of my stomach just around my belt line. I don’t think its a hernia as I feel fine and have no other symptoms. I increased the weight to 110 kg today and only did one set as the pain was a little worse than it had been. I’ve booked a doctors appointment but would appreciate any opinons on what it might be.

I’m praying it’s something that wont require more than a little break from squatting/training!


weird, i had that happen to me to. I did the smolov squat program and towards the end i started experiencing a similar pain. Thought it was odd, but it was uncomfortable. Kinda felt like something was pushing on my insides or like something was about to rupture. Im wondering if it was the belt… but the pain was just so wierd it is hard to describe. Good luck, let us know how it turns out

I should be clear that I don’t wear a belt when I squat I just used that to identify where the pain is. The pain is the same as yours by the sounds of things. not excruciating but worrying, especially with a big metal bar on your back! Did yours just going away?


I used to get these when I was doing a lot of ab training every workout. I cut way back and haven’t had the pain in at least a year.

cheers Supabeast. I used to do fit ball work but stopped recently, I do squats and deads on the same day, three days a week so maybe I am working my core to intensly. see what the doc has to say!

ahh, i don’t think mine had anything to do with the belt either it just seemed to be more noticeable when i had it on. It did go away, probably just from rest. After my program i took three weeks off and everything is back to normal. Deads and squats on the same day is rough, i imagine there is just a lot of strain on ur core. Good luck at the docs

the doc said its likely caused by the strain of the heavy weights and its not a hernia (yet) could turn into one but nothing could be done till it did ( although if I’m careful I should be fine)

Because I dont have much body fat round on the srea I’m more likely to notice it. I think I’m going to reduce the weight slightly and do more reps and sets and wait longer before increasing the weight. Hopefully this will stregthen my core without putting as much pressure on it.

cheers guys