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Squat Pain, Video Included


Walking causes pain currently, but the pain has only been in the left quad while squatting or walking. My right leg has been fine. it feels shitty in the tendon regardless of what i do. I think it was slight from 1 squat session, like 1/10, it was nothing, then I did my deadlifts and the next day it was hard to walk.

Deadlifts are proper form too, I’m sure of that, they’re easy to do anyway. kind of hard to fuck up leg position on a deadlift. Not doing them though if my legs hurt unless I practice being quick on them.

If you assume things that are wrong then I’m going to deny it, there’s nothing wrong with that. I always keep my knees from going inwards, but I’ve never tried to actively push them out even further, they seem inline until the bottom and they they’re usually inline or slightly outside of my feet. there’s a difference between those 2 and my knees actually moving inward, which I don’t do.

I don’t understand how you can keep a back angle that is static on a lift that requires everything to change its angle to keep the bar over mid foot.

I’m not obligated to agree with things that aren’t rationalized unless you mean something different when you say keep your back angled, which I do only slightly to keep the bar over mid foot, since its a requirement with my short torso, but it’s also a requirement that my torso angle increases the further I go down to keep the center of gravity in a spot that is advantageous, over mid foot.

So from what I’ve read I believe I need to
Focus on squats more
Continue with my normal parallel squats until I can use shoes or have better ankle mobility
Brace, flex glutes initially to force a more neutral back angle, getting rid of the movement in lower back
Basically, deal with the pain until I catch up with deadlifts, I’m currently convinced that it’s the main culprit.


You would be surprised.


You are forgetting a key point that you did mention earlier, so I assume you just forgot to include it in this list: opening up at the hips more, focusing on pushing the knees outward instead of forward as you descend as well as when you pop up out of the hole.


Few things to notice:1)Are your knees aligned with your toes at the bottom of the squat?
2)Is the bar path straight with respect to your mid-foot the entire movement?
3)Are your toes fixed the entire movement or are they moving out?
4)Do your arches fall? Your right foot arch collapsed if you look at the video though
I am not sure?


What’s wrong with your right foot?


Worse ankle dorsiflexion, I think it moved in some on that because that’s the only way my shin could have moved in or something maybe? nice find.

yeah my knees are aligned, and I keep it over mid foot, and I think my right foot is more likely to rotate outward, that calf used to be really tight, it doesn’t rotate, it wants to though, I stop that.

My left leg calf and foot etc are good, just the right isn’t as good.


Meant to respond to you, not sure if it makes a difference responding to jfg.


I know you’re asking for help on squats, but if dl is messing with quads and knees, that’s probably a good indicator you’re doing them wrong. Without seeing a video, it’s hard to tell, but one good indicator is where you feel the weight in your feet. If you feel even a lb anywhere but in your heels, there’s a good chance your knees are leaning forward which will limit your strength. Dl’s are all about posterior chain. Shouldn’t feel it in knees or quads.

Now I’ll duck back out since squatting isn’t really my thing and I’m no technician by a long shot.


I did them again today, i guess the squat came first caused an issue and the deadlift aggrivated them. Today i had no issue with deadlifts and it was a 2 rep max.

Just figuring the issue out as i go :slight_smile:


If your right foot collapsed then your right knee is caving in which will
result in your left knee tracking more outward than it should as a
compensation.This will cause pain in both the knees.Do the butterfly
stretch to check out the external rotation flexibility of your hip.If there
is a significant difference in one side than the other then you have to
extra abductor work on that side.


I found something interesting, I can keep my knees outward if my foot is not straight, and cave my ankle in, but if my foot is straight its way harder to cave it in, but I also cannot put my knee out anymore than my foot is rotated.

So I think I can keep my knee out, my ankle just flatfoots due to lack of mobility and strength. I have to fix that still, I think I can strengthen it partially by walking on the outsides of my feet, and just focusing on it more.


Your foot should not be straight when squatting.They should point out a
little. Knees should point your toes at the bottom of the squat.If your
arches fall you are destroying the stable tripod foot needed to have a
stable squat. Do bodyweight squats where you point your toes out about 30
degrees and focus on spreading the floor with your feet. Then try the same
with back squats.
And also your knees should not rotate out more than your foot is rotated.


Ok, it’s been a few weeks now. I fixed my squat totally if anyone is curious.

I have zero pain now, what I did was deload for a week to let my knees and everything fully heal, and I bought squat shoes. I Learned of a guy named Max aita, and I started to squat like he does. I now break at the knees mostly and stop where they need to stop so that when I hit the bottom of the squat my knees remain in the same position, then instead of moving them as I go up, I focus on keeping them pushed outwards and inline with my feet. This got rid of all my pain and combined with the squat shoes I have no buttwink and I am lifting weights way more consistently.

I started doing some stretches for my hip flexors and really focused on bracing too, it’s given me a lot better mobility and tightness in the bottom of my squat, maybe I have less trouble flexing my glutes and my lower back feels tighter and strong.

Sorry i have no video, but everything I just said improved my strength and consistency, and got rid of 100% of my pain.


oh lord. just came across this thread. THIS is the guy that told me I don’t understand programming??? Good grief… Just as obtuse here as in that thread.


Retard, you realize how old this is? That was when i was new to squatting.

Retard, you also realize i was asking for advice as a new lifter, you must have a pea brain if you think there is anything wrong with that.


Yeah in 3 months you definitely learned more than flip has, even though he’s a nationally ranked strongman and you squat like 135


I think the point is that Flip would be a internationally ranked strongman if he followed the advice given and/or learned how to lift weights the right way.


Could you post a link? I got a feeling it is comedic gold.


Hopefully the link works. 6 Month, 50lb Improvement

If the link doesn’t work directly, just search 6 month 50lb improvement.

And be ready to read about neck gains and why 5/3/1 prevents people from getting strong fast.


I didn’t dig up a 5 year old thread or anything, lol. I just happened to see it while perusing the beginner section. I did mention that I ‘just came across this’, indicating my recognition of its age. I won’t call you a retard for not catching that though. I don’t particularly like that word for obvious reasons. You should probably eliminate it from your own vocabulary.

right. a new lifter who knows more than anyone else on this site, in their own mind.