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Squat Pain, Video Included

I have to deload like every 3-4 weeks it’s pissing me off so badly.

I’m doing squats with only 115lbs, and my quad tendons hurt, my whole knee hurts. I’m doing them well too, I try every variation I can, I try really wide stance I try narrow I try low bar I try high bar, I try paused atg I try bouncing out of atg, I try parallel, I try above parallel, it all fucking hurts.

Why the hell is this? I’m gaining a lb a week because I’m fucking eating so much since everyone says I might not be eating enough, that’s not it. I’m sleeping 10 hours, that’s not it. People say my form has to be off, that’s not it. it’s only with these fucking squats that I feel pain every time everywhere.

Do I deload again after like 3 weeks or 4 weeks? I have proportional to long legs compared to my upper body, they’re probably a bit longer than 1:1. If this shit feels easy, i brace hard as hell(not in video was rushed, but still stable), i keep knees inline with toes and everything why does it continue to injure me or hurt, idk wtf its doing.

Sorry for being so angry, it’s just that 115lb squats are weakling as fuck and somehow i can’t do them.

Other lifts

115 bench 3x5 (deloaded it, so im increasing again)
Deadlift 1x5 210lbs
overhead press 80
Row 110 3x5 (can’t do those right now since my fucking knees hurt to do anything with)
Chinup 3x5

I’m 5’8.5 150lbs
Tdee: 2600, i eat 3500.

maybe ill buy some weight lifting shoes.

Stretch your quads and hamstrings hard immediately after training, holding stretch for each leg for 90 secs. Try foam rolling the IT band also. Warm up for workouts with the agile 8…

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I think the pain might have originated from doing the deadlifts.

Thanks for the video, ill try it, i’ve been trying to find effective stretches but nothing was working too well, im pretty flexable already. hopefully this does and can improve my situation. .

Still no video of your squats? It’s really hard to believe you have that many issues from squatting unless your technique is horrible. Plus without video it’s impossible to give you any useful advice.


Still don’t have a phone and i don’t have a way to make one magically appear. Don’t need it personally. My form is good im pretty sure, the weight is EASY, my tendons suffer not muscle, my hips feel fine they were just sore like someone said before, and it felt almost painful, i think they were just really tight and obnoxious.

brb ill try to find someone to take a video of me squatting right now, while i have the pain and did my worksets, hopefully they’re strong.

OK i have the video, let me upload it. might take a few.

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here you are

this was very painful and I was rushed, I’m usually more focused during a squat, but the form still looks decent to me. There were 4 reps after this rep, she caught the first.

I couldn’t get her to stand right next to me, there’s no room. like 3 inches between that and furniture. same with the window. I assume it was over mid foot.

Its not…

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Ok tell me the issue other than “it’s not…”

  1. bar looks like its resting on the base of your neck.
  2. Need to be under the bar more before you unrack it. Your doing a slight Good morning getting it out of the rack.
  3. major but wink…your pelvis is rotating under you putting undue pressure on the lumbar spine.
  4. knees are going way past your toes
  5. rushing your set up.

@kubensis have you tried front squats? Different leverages may help take the strain off your knees.

Going the complete other direction - do your glutes get sore (doms) after a squat session? You may need to activate them before squatting to ensure you are using them.

Have you always had issues with your knees?

Also what are your goals? If you just want bigger legs than you may need to rely on Lunges and Deadlifts to build some size.

It’s frustrating, but these things do take time and effort on your part to rectify.


You do descend very fast and lean forward with a high bar and a fair amount of buttwink, and definitely have your knees way forward.

If you lower the bar a little, limit your depth to a point where you don’t tuck your pelvis under you and work on pushing your knees out rather than forward you should be a lot more comfortable.

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The bar is on my traps, i can’t stand doing lowbar, ill start trying it again though.

The more the ratio deviates from 1:1 towards long femurs the more you have to have your knees go forward. Hanging a tape measure from the furthest part of my knee is exactly 1 inch in front of my toes. (measured with light weight)
I have a hard time believing it’s just from 1 inch ahead of toes? (honest measurement) The view angle does make things look more offset than they are. Tomorrow ill attempt convince them to record perpinduclar to me, so we can see an honest view of it all, if they’re around that is.

I agree buttwink was there, I should have gone higher like I usually do. Is it actually dangerous though, if it only extends to a more neutral spine, and not rounding? If so, why? So, I apologize for uploading this video when rushed causing me to not be as conscientious.

Maybe the pain could be from when i deadlift because of the really bad imbalance between it and my squat since only recently ive started squatting?

So if it is shitty anthropometry, which causes 1 inch over toe atg forward knees, which causes quad tendon pain, then I’d benefit from squat shoes, it’d bring it in an inch almost when combined with higher squatting that I usually do.

Thanks for your ideas, also expect me to challenge stuff if you respond, it’s not me being rude or anything, i just have ideas that i’ve learned, and knowing the reason for something if im wary will always change my opinion. If i wasnt this way, every fitness channel would appeal to me just because they “look” credible.

thanks for the help

Lol i have to edit this a lot, i’m an idiot and put “thank’s”


I have done front squats, they’re my favorite exercise but aren’t apart of my program.

My glutes do get very tired, I don’t feel soreness anywhere though.

My goal is bigger quads, strength is nice too. I’ve had really good quad development from these squats in the short time that I’ve done them. I also like feeling strong in positions that seem disadvantageous or require mobility and are hard to achieve*, like a atg squat.

I started at 65lbs and now I’m at 115 and my quads went from nonexistent to very easy to see, even though they are small considering I can only squat 115… lol. The relative size is just what impressed me. Nothing is impressive about my physique yet though, that’d be impossible with these lifts haha

Ok, ill try, it’s been my focus, Weak glutes could be the issue, when i started prioritizing “screwing” my feet into the floor it helped my pain subside some. They never cave though, i just feel like i could be a lot more stiff sometimes.

Since they’re usually exhausted, it might be that they’re weaker? Deadlifts though probably prioritize them more than squats, and i get that up fine but its 100lbs more?

It might be, but I doubt it.

Form what I’ve seen combined with what you’ve said, I would address the following points in this order:

  • activate your glutes if necessary, or just start consciously squeezing them from the moment you unrack onwards. That’ll give you a very good idea of when you hit your safe depth because you’ll feel tension dissipate from your glutes as soon as you go beyond it;
  • focus on pushing your knees out without letting them track forward. They’ll track forward some anyway, but a lot less because you’ll be forcing them out; and
  • find the lowest comfortable bar position. Understand that this will take persistence, but will be worthwhile.

Get those right and you should find significant improvement. By all means do front squats if you like them, but focus on the first two cues while doing them.


Ok, I think I didn’t understand your second point previously. Now ill keep it in mind.

I think I was intentionally breaking at the knee forward, I’ll try squatting down by only pulling them outward hard with glutes, and ill let them travel forward in a non-contrived manner. ill keep in mind stopping when I feel that I’m losing tightness.

This is off topic now and you should be getting paid by me at this point lol, but maybe you have the patience for me. do you think replacing back squats with front squats exclusively would be an idea that isn’t bad, just a neutral idea?

I can see my self learning weight lifting in the future, so maybe that might benefit me. I’m going to miss atg squats fukk lol. at least i havent been doing them that often.

There is no requirement to either squat or front squat unless you’re a powerlifter (in the case of squats) or you want to. It’s entirely up to you. Personally, I like both although I do way more squatting. I go through periods where I do more front squatting, but generally for a shorter time (say three months) and never exclusively.

In your case, because your deadlift is so far ahead of your squat I would definitely prioritise your squat. However, since you like front squatting and it will still let you work on pushing your knees out and squeezing your glutes I see no reason not to do some. If you want, look at it along the lines of at least 75 per cent of your squatting should be squats. The rest can be front squats.

EDIT to answer you question specifically, it’s a neutral idea if you just want to train and enjoy yourself. If you want to get stronger and bigger faster, fixing your squat will help.

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Do front squats cause pain?

It’s interesting that your knees hurt while you do what I presume to be barbell rows.

Your form does not look good, though honestly it’s very difficult to tell. I do not think you’re pushing your knees out at all. I think this + keeping the same spinal/back positioning as you descend + bracing the core are the three most important cues, and I’m not sure whether you’re doing any of them.

I’d suggest you try goblet squats and door squats.

Lastly- I don’t think anyone really cares about what you think you know- If you knew much then you probably would have figured out why squats cause you pain…