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Squat - Pain on Way Up

I have been slowly and steadily increasing my squats. At my last increase, I performed 3 sets (6,5,5) and within a few hours, my inner quad: hard to isolate but maybe the adductor longus or gracilus).

The burn is stronger than a normal burn and it is noticable all day, but no while sleeping.

I went to do squats today (every 72hrs), and the pain returned quickly - enough to give me appallingly bad form on my first and only set (warm up was ok). I quit after that first set.

What is going on? I have rarely felt much burn in my quads, butt or hips in weeks. Is it form? Have I found a weakness that I need to work on?

Thanks and Ciao


I don’t have any idea what you’ve done, but I know at one point my right shoulder had an abnormal sensation going on.

At that point I tried easing off on various things that might be related, such as the bench press, military press, dips and things – trying to find out what did it. Sounds like you’ve already got that nailed.

More interesting, perhaps, is that I read up on training imbalances and incorporated a lot of back work and other miscellaneous nonsense for a while.

I suspect you may get better or more specific advice, but I’d suggest easing off and and letting your weak point toughen up at it’s own pace while looking for training imbalances or form issues.

Unfortunately, my shoulder bugged me for a couple months… and then one day I realized I no longer felt anything when benching heavier. Since then I’ve not had to worry about it.

I should mention that I deep squat, and for the past few weeks have elevated my heels slightly.

After just taking a walk, with mild(mild) discomfort, I flipped through my Grays anatomy and the muscle may also be the pectineus.

Thanks for the response. I can usually solve any “discomfort” related issues with pauses of a week or more, but that was always related to my shoulders too…never such an important heavy duty compund movement like squats.

I think I had a similar problem about a month ago. In one workout, I did a typical workout with back squats (probably 4x5 or near that). I have a major muscle imbalance in my right leg stemming from an ankle injury, surgery, etc. Anyway, after the squats, I did 3 extra sets of right leg squats. They felt fine, pretty loose but about an hour afterwards I was in some serious pain (just soreness really). So, I pretty much figured I just overtrained and took an extra day off.

Three days later I went to do some front squats and could barely get one rep out of my warmup set. Actually both my hamstrings felt pretty tight so I skipped my legs that day and a few days later I was back at it.

I think this all really stems from the imbalance. When I watch myself squat in a mirror, I can see my left leg doing most of the work on the last rep. So I pretty much forced my right leg to failure, then used my left leg for one more rep which took it to failure also. So 4-5 sets of that sounds like serious overtraining.

I would recommend that you examine your calfs, quads, hammies very closely for an imbalance. Also, get right up close to a mirror and do a set of squats and see if you are favoring one side or the other. Something else may very well be going on, but maybe your problem is similar to mine.

Best of luck.


It could really be something as simple as a strain, or something slightly more complicated, such as tendinitus.

If it bothers you that much, best thing I’d suggest is to rest it and go easy with it for now and stretch and to make sure to get checked out by a trained medical professional, such as an ATC or PT.