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Squat or DL Knee Pain

Well, heres how it happened. I’de been doing a basic program for awhile, and decided to switch over to the Designer Athletes program with preformance in mind. This came with an increased squat volume for me. I began doing doing 5x5 Squats or DL’s on my lower body days (Lower, Rest, Upper, rest, lower, rest, upper, rest…ect)

So, I just finished my first week or so, and the day after my DL workout, I have a kneee pain above my patella. Doc says it’s some kind of Quadraceptice-Patella something or other, and I can’t squat for a week or two unlees I’m feeling much better, and I have to start wearing knee braces :. I do A2G squats and I’m asking right now, what part of my form could have contributed to this injury?

It’s only my right knee, my left is fine. I’m very confused, as I’ve done squats plenty of times before. Could it have been the deadlifts somewhow (as I did them rarely before starting this program, th=ough I did start off on a low weight for me ~135lbs)??

Any help or redirection to help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Go see another doctor. Preferably a physical therapist or orthopedist.

It could be many things. Tendonitis, tight muscles, tracking issue, torn ligament, etc. Get it diagnosed and find out what can be done. Sometimes it’s a form issue, sometimes it’s muscle imbalance issue, sometimes it’s tight muscles, or sometimes it’s something else!

Throw in an extra set or two of light warm-up sets and then go heavy. That might loosen things up. Of course I’m no doctor so you might want to listen to him or get another doctor’s opinion.