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Squat Opinion

Ok, currently i’m trying to improve my bench press but because i am a fine young man I also am working squats and deads very hard. I just finished a dave tate squatting program that was 3 wks long, where you begin w/ 60% of your max going 10x2 with as much speed as possible, going up in weight each of the three weeks. btw i box squat. That program worked well, but where should i got from there? Should i go to a program where i’m working w/ a higher percentage of my squat max? Any opions on where to go w/ the squat would be appreciated…btw I’m looking for raw power in the squat not hypertrophy at all.

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you have to know where you want to go before you can develpe a program and plan. tate’s program works great, if you are looking to improve strength and speed. if that’s your plan, incorporate the west side routine completely and stick with it.