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Squat Only Program


Hello all, do you guys think that after a competition running a squat only program would be doable? Does anyone think a squat only program would benefit a powerlifter? Would my deadlift go down? Thinking about running either smolov squat or candito 9 week.




I guess.

It would benefit a powerlifter’s squat.



Smolov program was very hard for me to follow-The percentages are just too hard for a natural lifter to be able to bare them.
Based on personal experience front squats have helped a lot with my back squat strength…


No, they were just too hard for YOU to bare them. There’s a smolov thread here with literally hundreds of natties that completed it and saw ridiculous gains.


I think the dip in your deadlift performance would recover pretty quickly, so the specialisation could work for you. Admittedly though, I am only guessing as I’ve never done it before.

You could just work in some really light deads during the program, just to ensure your performance dip is minimal?